Giving New SEO Value To Old Pages

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Adding New Value To Old Content - NorthcuttSome of us have had a web presence for many years, which means we've got content that dates back quite some time. While your old content may be ranking for a designated keyword at a certain level, bringing new life to this content can enhance those rankings and give your site an overall boost. There are certain tactics that you can easily employ to affect those rankings, without having to go and create new content and strategies.

External Link Building and Outreach

Any SEO would make this suggestion upfront and perhaps you've been neglecting to build links towards this old content because of the fact that it's not fresh.

However, you're at a great advantage if the content you're looking at highlighting is of great informational value, especially with the current standing of Google and other search engines on the importance of creating and sharing compelling content. Promotional content won't really work in this scenario, but if your content is educational and offers some level of worth to a reader, you can approach external sources and ask them to help you out:

  • You can propose that they link to it from their website
  • You could also propose that you write something for them that will then link back to your site
  • Offer them something tangible that they could review or write about, with the request that they link back to you in return
  • If you're running a promotion, you could request that they help spread the word - specifically if you've got some beautifully designed content relating to this that will then link back to your site
  • Use your social networks to publicize it
  • You could also target the page from a press release or blogs on other domains or submit it to quality, legitimate listing sites

Make Improvements

By tweaking your page content slightly, you could give it a whole new lease on life. Some of the recommended ways in which you could do this include:

  • Read through the content to ensure it is still valid, current and engaging
  • Do some fresh keyword research and adapt and optimize the content according to your findings
  • Implement schema markups, authorship profiling (rel=author), alt tags on any imagery
  • Update your title and description or run a series of tests to see what performs best
  • Add another element of content that might be more enticing, such as a video or infographic
  • Ensure that there are a decent percentage of internal pages linking back to the content in question

History repeats itself and often old opinions will come back to absorb the limelight. Instead of reinventing the wheel and writing a new post on the same principles, why not just give that old post another chance at exposure? By using the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you might find that you have an overwhelming wealth of content that you can simply repurpose to improve your rankings.

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