There may be no phrase with as many different definitions as an "SEO audit".  Creative agencies often define the "SEO audit" as an ability to put keywords in your page titles and web addresses.  They'll do just enough to get a new site out the door, but leave you to fight the real battle. Inbound marketing agencies (such as Northcutt) look deeper.  In these relationships, it's not about "what 5 things should our new website do", but rather, "what is the roadmap from now until we rank #1 for everything that we could possibly want".

SEO Auditing Process

Not all auditing processes are created equal.  It begins with an SEO philosophy. What sources do you trust when deciding where to focus?   Have you taken inventory of all meaningful factors? Once that's set, it's time to decide on an SEO system.  Notice how I didn't say "SEO tools"?  Expecting a tool to own an entire executive-level process is a little shortsighted.  Tools help, but they're still only as effective as how they're used. Here's our system.  24 checklist modules totaling over 1,000 steps.  It works best in phases.  But oh, does it work.  Compare this to most SEO agencies, who are basically just reselling a single piece of software that covers 10 or 15 of these steps. You see, search algorithms are a math equation.  Would you try to solve a math equation without looking at most of the numbers?  So, begin by understanding what you're working with. Finally, the human element can't be undervalued.  Checklists are used because no human can remember over 1,000 things without forgetting a few.  But good SEO auditing also involves profound problem-solving and strategic skills.  For this, there's no substitute for C-level SEO specialists.  This is what we provide.

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