What Is Local SEO and Why Is It Important?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website for local searchers. Optimizing your search engine results is one thing, but if you have a local business, like a coffee shop, cleaning business, etc., it won't help to rank highly on a global level. According to Google, 46% of searches have a 'local intent'. You have a local market full of searchers who are looking for businesses near them every day, even searchers in neighboring towns could turn into potential customers for your business.

Local SEO isn't just optimizing for the search engines. "Offline" efforts can impact your local SEO efforts. Reviews matter, and if you're providing subpar service, you could take a hit with your local rankings. Your listing on Google Maps (via Google My Business) matters and is a completely separate branch from traditional SEO. There are new obstacles, and new techniques to overcome them.

In fact, many of the best practices for local SEO involve off-page tactics, such as local citations (online mentions relevant to your area) and even submitting your information to local data aggregators. These fall on top of the standard SEO necessities like keyword building and backlinking. Sound challenging? We're here to help.

A Proven Local SEO Agency

We approach local SEO first from a broad perspective, starting with a general SEO audit to determine the state of your SEO foundation. Our in-depth market research into your industry allows us to understand the best approach for both general and local SEO, plus it gives us a basis for the most effective keyword research.

From there, we formulate a local SEO strategy customized to your company. Part of this is upgrading your on-page text and data to make it more conducive to local searches. Once your site has been optimized, we move on to off-page strategies.

For starters, link building is important for external sites relevant to local businesses. Among other things, this includes submitting your business information to local data aggregators. Having your data on these types of sites -- and keeping that data up-to-date -- can be a powerful boost in getting your site to appear in search results.

Another key is getting local citations, such as reviews and mentions in social media. Search engines filter results differently when users are looking for something in their area, so for local SEO mentions in certain places are better than others.

. Northcutt is the only Chicago SEO Agency that has open-sourced our proprietary audits. How does your local SEO stack up at the moment? Answer the questions on our local SEO checklist now to see how well your company performs.

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