Doing Keyword Research Using Different Resources

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Doing Keyword Research With Surprising Resources Keyword research - an essential aspect of any SEO strategy - is generally carried out with the use of research tools such as the Google Ads keyword tool or Google search prompts. In order to offer your clients or your business a well thought out collection of competitive key-phrases, it's best to consult different sources. The above two work well together, but there are a number of hidden opportunities lying in wait in places you would never suspect.

Consumer Help Line

There's a wealth of keyword opportunity hanging at the end of every telephone call that comes into your business. Just by tapping into the phrases customers use to request more information on your services, you're already getting an understanding of how the public would search for your products, even if faced with a flashing cursor in a Google search query box.

You'd have to train your staff effectively enough to make note of the phrases that people use, for example, if someone call in and wants to know more about "the rustic beaded jewelry that was added to your collection last December", they'd have to note that "rustic beaded jewelry" is the information that's most valuable for this exercise. It's not a failsafe, but it can certainly give you a broader understanding of how people describe, view and search for information on your products.

Contact Form Submissions

Another goldmine waiting to be discovered, contact form submissions offer the same kind of information as your call center. If you consider that they're trying to explain to you what they're looking for, they'll be quite succinct in supplying you with the relevant key-phrases you need in order to deliver the information they want. This is basically an analogy for how search engines deliver the content you're looking for. User fills in a contact form submission, user describes what he or she is looking for, company delivers on their request by providing them with the relevant information.

Industry Forums

Where do you go when you can't find the information you're looking for? To industry related forums; a hangout for people who have a wealth of wisdom to impart on those less knowledgeable. Have a look at the threads that are attracting the most attention and skim over the titles. Generally speaking they will depict a query that didn't deliver an answer via search engine results pages. Tap into that query and you could be the top ranking resource for that information.

Top Performing Competitor Posts

It's always a good idea to stay on top of your game with a little competitor analysis and this can even offer an opportunity for you to uncover some delicious keywords for your own content. The posts that performed best for your competitors can also be the inspiration you need for your next piece of content at the same time as supplying you with some compelling keyword ideas. Check the title tags, meta description and h tags for repetition of some strong key-phrases that you might want to tie in with your next strategy.

These are by no means an indication of key-phrases that depict high search volumes and low competition, but they do produce insight into the psyche of your consumers, which could be just as valuable. As mentioned earlier, a nice well-rounded approach to keyword research is required to get the best results, but these are certainly a few more options you can add to the mix.

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