Keyword research is a simple art to dabble in, but the reward for mastering it can be incredible.

Most smart brands these days are churning out content at an alarming rate, but very few have strong content strategy practices that relate it all to a long-term agenda. Even fewer have built their site using smart taxonomies that act as a "fishing net" for a matrix of millions of relevant keywords (as we strongly recommend most brands do).

Keyword Research Process

We've got 4 major varieties of keyword research checklists for different scenarios.

Great keywords begin with great market research.

After gaining a strong understanding of your market through surveys, interviewing, and persona development, a true keyword research expert finds gaps in the marketplace that others have missed. Phrases that get searched in Google on the regular, but are just a little bit less obvious than the tools can produce, and thus, there's a huge, permanent upside to writing content that uses these keywords well.

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