Holiday SEO Tips: Experts Share Their Best

Amy Brueckman    By under SEO.

It's the most holiday season again and that means stores and ecommerce sites alike are gearing up for an influx of customers. People are looking to spend their money and if you optimize properly, you can grab their attention and lead them to your site.

We asked a few experts if their SEO strategy changes for the holiday season and they've got some great tips to share.

Get specific with your keywords

"Generally, it's hard to compete for generic terms such as "Christmas gifts" as the competition is pretty much everyone in the world. Most online stores shouldn't even attempt that but go with more long tail, niche oriented holiday related keywords.

For example, if you're selling phone cases, instead of trying to rank for "Christmas gifts" do your keyword research and see if there is any volume for "phone cases black Friday" and optimize your landing pages for that. Even with this focus, competition is too fierce in some niches.

What I often see people forget is to add the year in the mix. A lot of consumers will be adding "2016" to their keywords when searching for holiday gifts and deals. Adding the year as a keyword to most important on-site ranking elements can help a lot with driving relevant organic traffic to your website during the holiday season."

-Toni Anicic,

Create timely content

"Our SEO strategy does take into account the holidays, what we do differently is to publish content optimized for that particular period. For example, if our client is selling gifts, we will publish articles with titles like "10 Christmas 2017 Gift Ideas for Mom's". If they are into the education niche we may publish a post about "These 5 certifications will double your income in 2017". In other words, we try to incorporate the 'time' and 'event' to make our content more relevant."

-Alex Chris,

Build content & links to last year round

"When it comes to SEO and the holiday season I find that there is not one universal answer for all SEO campaigns. For these strategies, I look at two specific areas, content and links.

Do certain keywords rise/fall during this period, and if so, what content do I need to create in order to capture traffic from these keywords? Create holiday/gift guides for your specific category and niche. Create content specific to climate changes. And create content to rebalance terms that are going out of season - looking at trends or sometimes taking this opportunity to build content that is evergreen year round.

How can I leverage this time of year to build links since these will build the authority up permanently? People love to talk about products during the holiday season, and it creates a massive amount of link-building potential. Find gift lists and top of XXXX year lists and get your product in front of the writers of those lists. Then offer special deals and discounts to get on discount lists/resources."

-Mitchell Abdullah,

Plan ahead and start early!

"That's a simple one, actually. The best advice is:

If you start optimizing for the Christmas season in early November, you are late: hurry. If you want to optimize for Black Friday in early November, you are already way too late."

-Michiel Heijmans,