Four Mobile Predictions for 2014

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Four Mobile Predictions for 2014 - NorthcuttWhile these may not come as a surprise, it's always nice to remember where our marketing efforts should be heading. Consideration, at least, should be paid to the mobile market, specifically when it is growing at its current pace. According to an infographic published last year on Digital Buzz, the global adoption of smartphones has risen from 35% in May 2011, to 46% in February 2012, to 56% in May 2013. That's at least a 10% increase with every passing year, and you can pretty much guarantee we'll see similar growth in 2014.

According to IDC, there was a projected 1 billion smartphones shipped in 2013. With just over 7 billion people roaming the Earth, that's a massive chunk of users who could be online daily, on their mobile phones, searching for your products. Choosing not to include them in your marketing efforts could be to your detriment.

With that in mind, here are four predictions for mobile inspired by Carin van Vuuren's recent post on econsultancy.

Mobile's Biggest Year To Date

It's quite obvious what with the previous statistics and the growth patterns in mobile use, but 2014 is certainly going to be mobile's biggest year yet. If you haven't considered mobile in your marketing ideas, there is still time to do so, because this year is when you're going to witness the largest impact. We're going to see more brands tying mobile in with other mediums, similar to the way Party City incorporated and encouraged crowd-sourced content from their users within their stores for Halloween. Integration between offline and online stores will be even more prevalent as brands get clever with the ways they use mobile to connect people to their products. According to Carin's post, shoppers are using their mobile phones when they shop offline in land-based shops: "70% of in-store shoppers in the US have their smartphones on them, and 30% actually have them in their hands while they browse."

Users Have A Need For Speed

With increased connectivity, we also receive and experience faster bandwidths, download times and overarching experiences. Users are impatient, they want to receive and share information quickly and smoothly and we're going to see more of this need for speed as our Wi-Fi connections improve. The need for developing content that is quick and easy to load on your mobile phone is imperative. Specifically when mobiles are usually being used on the move when there's little time to wait for images and pages to load.

Serious Competition In The App World

If you consider the need for speed and the fact that mobile users are usually browsing on the move, you have a small window of opportunity to get it right and make app seem like the wonderful piece of development prowess that it is. There is serious competition and the app market is flooded. Don't waste your time creating variations of an idea. Find one really incredible idea for an app that speaks to your brand or products, make it brilliant and make it work. With apps being rated by users every day, you need to ensure that yours receives in the region of four or more stars to even keep your head above water.

Mobile Wallet Payments Could Become More Prevalent

While a large percentage of digitally savvy people are still unsure about trusting the security of making mobile wallet payments, many are all for the idea and growth is expected in this area in 2014. There are a number of mobile wallets available already that allow users to transfer sums of money from a "wallet" stored on their mobile phone to pay for certain transactions. Still, people are skeptical due to security reasons so it's not necessarily a prediction but something to keep an eye out for.

Others you'd like to add to this list? Let us know... how are you incorporating mobile into your marketing initiatives in 2014?