10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts

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It takes a lot more than knowledge to make a good podcast.

You have to be charismatic and be able to think on your toes to come up with answers and anecdotes as the show progresses. Podcasts have to be entertaining as well as informative, and it helps to line up well-known guests to add to the discussion.

This month, we've asked SEO experts to share their favorite podcasts. We hope you find something new to listen to!

10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 1

My favourite SEO podcast is The Recipe for SEO Success.

While I don't listen to it much anymore, it was certainly useful when I first started out in SEO and needed to build my knowledge on the basics. I would say that this podcast is more focused on small business owners and beginners. I'm a fan of short podcasts which works perfectly as most of them tend to be quite short.

Kate (the host) has also done interview podcasts with some of the big names in the SEO industry such as Rand Fishkin & John Mueller which is really cool to hear them answer some questions too.

Ryan Scollon, SEO & PPC consultant, Ryan Scollon

10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 2

While technically a YouTube channel rather than a podcast, the relatively new channel Crawling Mondays by Digital Marketing Specialist, Aleyda Solis, is one to watch. Currently, on its seventh episode, Aleyda has already covered a broad range of topics that have a real impact on businesses like ours. There is real variety in each episode, with advice on everything from how to set up SEO alerts, to case studies of successful SEO agencies and in-depth technical advice on international SEO for companies like us who operate across Europe.

Eilish Brown, SEO Manager, MYCS

10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 3

I listen to a lot of podcasts on SEO especially but one that always finds its way to the top of my playlist is Marie Haynes' Search News You Can Use.

Marie is an incredibly smart person and the podcast takes the shape of her talking through the latest developments in anything which impacts search.

SEO, as an industry, changes a lot and quickly so just keeping up can be hard. Getting ahead of the game is the key to success but not falling behind is vital - which is where Marie's podcast really helps. It's not just a list of headlines either, Marie talks about each development and offers concrete advice on what (if anything) you should do about it to help your site get more organic search traffic.

Andrew, SEO Consultant, Optimisey

10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 4

My favorite SEO podcast is the Authority Hacker Podcast, hosted by Gael Breton and Mark Webster. The main reason why I like the podcast so much is the topics they cover. Sometimes they discuss case studies where they examine the SEO pros and cons of given sites. Other times they offer tips about how to utilize new technological trends, and sometimes they simply interview SEO and affiliate marketing experts. The tone is always friendly and conversational, and they speak in a "down to earth" way.

Additionally, I consistently find myself interested in the content that they produce. And speaking of content production - this podcast releases new episodes roughly every week, without fail. When a new work week begins, I can count on a new Authority Hacker episode being available to listen to. All in all, I would recommend the Authority Hacker podcast to anyone interested in learning more than just the basics about SEO, content marketing and affiliate marketing.

Scott Perry, CatchersHome

10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 5

My favorite podcast about SEO is Single Grain's Marketing School Podcast.

This podcast features Single Grain's founder Eric Siu. He publishes a 5 to 10 min podcast every day, discussing marketing strategies and SEO.

Their podcast is quite short, so you can easily listen to it every morning with your coffee, or on your way to work. It's a good way to start your day with new, actionable ideas and tactics that you can start using right away. It's easy to listen to, not over complicated, so all levels of marketers can find interesting information for their own business' marketing needs.

This podcast gives me new ideas, new perspectives, and some food for thoughts daily, not only about SEO but also about marketing strategies. It's basically like vitamins; it's my daily source of digital marketing knowledge.  

Marie Lamonde, Content Marketing Specialist, DashThis

10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 6

My favorite SEO podcast is Voices of Search with Jordan Koene. I rarely listen to podcasts but these are ideal because they're the perfect length to listen to during my walk from the train to our office (a time usually filled with daydreams or phone calls I've been meaning to make for ages!). They feed and cement explanations about the different facets of SEO AND what they mean for my work as an SEO professional straight into my brain.

Everyone should be listening to them because they don't claim to be anything that they're not. All the experts I've listened to are transparent about the fact that they themselves do not know everything about how Google works and that each item they discuss is only a small element of SEO.  

Jordan formats the discussions in a way that frames him as the user and the guest as the search engine! That is - Jordan appears to be learning as he goes (I don't know if he actually is) so he asks the experts questions as they explain the topic of discussion.

The expert guests come from different companies and use real examples from their own clients and campaigns which is really useful for helping you to think how you can apply what you're learning to your own campaigns.

They're a really informative but efficient way to get expert, up-to-date insights into the SEO world including recent updates and what they mean for your SEO campaigns.

Alice Logan, Digital Marketing Executive, We Are Yellow


10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 7

"My current favorite SEO podcast is called SEO 101. It is currently hosted by Ross Dunn and John Carcutt, both of which are veterans in the industry. They have featured many industry leaders in SEO such as Google's John Mueller. They cover topics mostly focused on SEO and paid search. And what's cool is you get two different perspectives as Ross is focused on medium/small business, while John is more centered around enterprise businesses.

The podcast airs live every Wednesday at 5 pm ET. There are almost 700 episodes now, so you'll have more than enough to listen to (granted some of the older episodes may not be as relevant as they once were)."

Jacob R. Digital PR Specialist, Inseev


10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 8

If you're new to SEO podcasts, then the first one you should start with should be Chris Buress and Matt Bertram's Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. This podcast is, hands down, the most well-rounded and in-depth SEO podcast out there. The SEO guru duo makes a point to cover the latest hot topics and shake-ups in the SEO world, often providing tips and training sessions to their audience. They always make a point to answer questions that come in from their Twitter stream.

The best part about their podcast? They know how to present the difficult-to-grasp concepts in a lighthearted and entertaining way - making this channel perfect for beginners and experts alike."

Audrey Strasenburgh, SEO Strategist LogoMix, Inc.


10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 9

My first choice SEO podcast is by SearchEngineJournal. It covers many issues on all types of websites, whether ecommerce or blog. Their guests always star in their industries that I'm excited to listen to. Often, I'm already reading and following their guidelines on other channels (blog, social media).

The duration is near-perfect (about 40 min). The interviewee usually has a chance to answer all questions and go into necessary details, which do not overwhelm as the time is fixed.

Whether it is an SEO who is working for an agency, an in-house specialist, or a self-employed SEO, there's something for everyone-- usually insightful takeaways to incorporate in one's own work.

As an SEO who has worked in a lot of niches over a short time, I'm really excited to be educated on challenging subject matter like branding, building only white-hat backlinks, local SEO, etc. The next chapter for me is going deep into only one specific niche. SearchEngineJournal podcasts make it possible to focus on psychology and philosophy of SEO strategy, so this podcast is highly recommended from me.

Natalia Makarenko, SEO Specialist CIENCE


10 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Podcasts 10

The fact that Mozpod is free is one of the many reasons why you would want to listen to it apart from the fact that it comes from Moz- an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can listen to them anytime, especially during commutes. Experts answer the simplest of SEO queries we each have. They take you to abstract topics through concrete and fundamental steps all the while making them super-easy to digest.

If you wish to listen to specific topics, you can always give them a suggestion in their comments section or contact them through emails.

Shakun Bansal,  Head of Marketing, Mercer-Mettl