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How's our keyword strategy?

Has a keyword strategy been mapped to each video?

(youtube kw tool - core keywords equivalent)

Is there a keyword strategy for future videos?

(tip: autosuggest w/ underscores - topic breadth equivalent)

Are videos optimized for keywords?

Do target keywords appear in video titles?

Do target keywords appear in the video description?

Do target keywords (and all key variants) appear in video tags?

Are tags maxed out on all videos?

Are there custom video transcriptions uploaded?

Are target keywords spoken at least twice?

(YT is continues to get better at processing language)

Are all video descriptions at least 200 words?

Are we emulating descriptions of popular videos, to rank in "related"?

(this step is a little grey hat and not absolutely required, but the "related videos" tool can be easily gamed by using text that's very closely related, as can "suggested videos" on the home screen).

Are videos optimized for engagement?

(Session Time, Watch Time, Audience Retention, Engagement, and CTR affect rankings)

Are video titles compelling?

Are thumbnails all unique and attractive?

Are the first 125 characters in each video compelling?

(these are displayed like meta descriptions, consider part of the ad).

Is embedding enabled?

(recommended, counts as link, increases views)

Do videos ask for comments on specific topics?

Does the video promote other videos on the final screen?

Do videos ask users to subscribe at the end?

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