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Email Marketing Strategy

Is there a documented email marketing strategy?

Have you identified the needs of your target audience?

What topics/questions/issues are important to them?

How do they prefer to consume content (video, audio, text?)

Is there an up-to-date content inventory?

Has a competitive analysis of email marketing been completed?

Does the brand do regular audience surveys? Do you know your prospects'/customers' email cadence preferences?

Are there adequate brand/voice guidelines in place?

Is there an email marketing calendar? Is it current?

Email Marketing Tools

Is CRM & marketing automation set up properly and are the two communicating efficiently/synchronized?

Is CRM data clean, appended and as accurate as possible?

Are lists segmented effectively?

Are rules configured in the marketing system to govern how new leads are transfered to sales in CRM platform?

(account-based assignments, product category, etc.)

Email Branding

Does "from" field contain brand name and an identifiable address?

Does the "to" field carry the recipient's name (not their email address)

If brand has low domain reputation score, are subject lines staying away from phishing phrases that attract spam filters (they should be staying away)?

Does email take advantage of header and pre-header?

Ensure a link to the online version of email is added as well as snippet text, which can be previewed in popular email clients like Gmail, Outlook and the iOS mail app.

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