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Are strategy and attribution fleshed out?

Is there an advertising policy statement documented?

Are there a clear (and reasonable) campaign goals?

Is there a clear definition of ad success?

Is there a clear definition of when to scale ad spend up or down?

Is success clearly and completely measured?

Is there adequate budget to optimize AdWords?

Is Google Analytics linked to AdWords?

Is auto-tagging enabled in Analytics?

Are there account-level issues?

Is there a valid billing information on file?

Is there a reasonable, account-wide, daily budget configured?

Are there any red error notifications in the interface?

Are campaigns optimized?

Do ads target any suboptimal countries?

Do ads target any suboptimal languages?

If ads target multiple languages, does each have its own campaign?

Do ads target any suboptimal devices?

Are there separate mobile and desktop campaigns? (good)

Is bidding done with eCPC or CPA without an adequate sample size?

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