Marketo vs Responsys (Oracle)

Cara Bowles    By under Marketing Automation.

Comparing Marketo and Oracle's Responsys as competing marketing automation platforms, it's not clear to us why anybody would choose Responsys over Marketo. Unlike Oracle's other marketing automation platform, Eloqua, which is comparable in features and power to Marketo, Responsys fails in most categories.

While Responsys could be said to have a slight edge over Marketo in reporting features, Marketo is way ahead of the game in email marketing features, and beats Responsys on CRM integration features. Their lead management feature sets are comparable.

Responsys does not offer public pricing. If you can negotiate a lower price on it than Marketo, are given a chance to use the interface, and find that you like it more, and don't need the features Marketo offers, Responsys may be for you. Otherwise, our recommendation would be Marketo.

Advantages of Marketo

  • Marketo has an edge over Responsys in features for campaign management due to the following:
    • Content management tools that allow you to organize and reuse content in later campaigns
    • Event scheduling, a small feature that can end up making a big difference
  • Marketo beats Responsys on features for lead management:
    • Prospect deduplication to consolidate any redundant profiles and avoid the mistake of contacting leads to offer products they have already paid for
    • Time-based degradation of lead scores, so that prospects which have been ignoring emails and otherwise not interacting with marketing materials are given a lower priority as a lead
  • Marketo has a clear lead over Responsys on email marketing with these features:
    • Emails will automatically resize to fit any device
    • Delivery rates are tracked, so you always know not just that an email was sent, but whether it was successfully delivered to the recipient's inbox
    • Email templates give you various options to choose from to ensure that your emails appear professional
    • HTML validation, image validation, and link validation verify that there are no errors in the email before it is sent
    • Use offer optimization to alter the emails in ways that are best suited for the prospect based on their profile's existing data
  • Marketo wins out over Responsys on web management tools as well:
    • Responsys does not provide landing page templates
    • Marketo offers web form design tools to simplify the process of creating aesthetic forms that users are more likely to complete
    • Web form templates are also provided to simplify the process further
  • Marketo provides several social media features that aren't available in Responsys:
    • The ability for your prospects to take part in polls that can help you learn about your audience or engage people on social media
    • Referral offers to entice new leads
    • Social sign-on, an easy way for prospects to fill out forms by transferring the data from a social media account that is already logged in
    • Video sharing so that prospects can easily upload videos, share them on your site, or on social media
  • Marketo beats out Responsys on CRM-sales integration:
    • Responsys does not offer automatic field mapping to transfer data automatically between your marketing automation and CRM platforms
    • Responsys does not have bi-directional sync between these platforms
    • You do not have the option of creating custom dashboards for your sales professionals to inform them on which leads are most promising
  • While Marketo and Responsys both offer web based platforms, Marketo additionally offers an iPhone app, Android app, and Windows Phone app.
  • Responsys is not, in general, considered suitable for small businesses. While both Marketo and Responsys are best suited for mid-size and Enterprise businesses, Marketo is also suitable for small businesses, especially those that want to scale or work with larger businesses.
  • Responsys does not offer public pricing information and the information must be obtained via a quote. They do not offer a free trial.
  • Responsys has a very limited number of integrations as a stand alone product and does not integrate with Beckon, Bitium, Hootsuite, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SugarCRM, or Unbounce.
  • The market for Responsys is currently very small, with only 192 websites currently using it, compared with Marketo's 41.9k websites. Marketo leads in virtually all industry categories.

Advantages of Responsys

  • While Marketo is far more popular than Responsys and outpaces it in virtually every industry, Responsys is currently leading in the "Visual Arts & Design" category.
  • Marketo consolidates all lead scoring factors into a single score that can't be split apart into multiple dimensions
  • Responsys provides certified email IP addresses to cut down on interference from spam filters and maximize deliverability
  • Marketo lacks list reports that provide in depth information about your contact list itself (though it offers in depth reports on the behavior of your list as it relates to your marketing efforts)