Marketo vs. Bronto

Cara Bowles    By under Marketing Automation.

Marketo is a major player in the marketing automation industry, while Bronto is a much less well known rising star. While both are suitable for both mid-market and enterprise level businesses, Marketo is more effective at scaling than Bronto. Bronto, meanwhile, can be considered a bit easier to use and more intuitive, but with fewer options for customization.

All in all, it's difficult to recommend Bronto over Marketo due to the much larger feature set Marketo offers. This is where we would typically counter by saying that Bronto is cheaper, but Bronto's prices are actually not publicly available, so it is only cheaper if you are able to negotiate a lower price. Demos of the tool are not mentioned on the site, so unless you can get your hands on the software without needing to pay for it, and make a comparison with Marketo to see for yourself if the ease of use is worth it, we would recommend either going with Marketo, or choosing an alternative with a free trial and public pricing.

Advantages of Marketo:

  • Bronto's platform is not available in app form for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, unlike Marketo. Both share support for Windows, Mac, and a web application.
  • Marketo is typically considered suitable for small, mid-size, and enterprise class businesses. Marketo is more suitable for scalability and Bronto may not be useful for enterprise class and some mid-size class businesses. Neither is a good fit for a freelancer.
  • While both platforms offer phone support, online support, and video tutorials, Bronto does not provide a knowledge base.
  • Marketo offers a base price of $1195 per month with a free trial option, no credit card necessary, and a subscription based payment plan. Bronto's pricing is only available on a by quote basis with no free trial option.
  • Bronto has no native integrations with Beckon, Hootsuite, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Sugar CRM, or Unbounce. All in all, Marketo offers 88 integrations while Bronto offers 13.
  • Marketo is currently trusted by more websites, with 41.9k websites using the platform. Bronto is currently used by 6.05k websites.
  • Marketo is also used more often in a wider variety of industries than Bronto. Marketo's strengths are in the Business & Industry, Computer & Electronics, Software, Internet & Telecom, Career & Education, and Shopping sectors.
  • When it comes to campaign management, Bronto lacks content management and event scheduling: features which are available with Marketo.
  • Bronto lacks several key lead management features which are available in Marketo. These include demographic scoring, lead scoring, product-based scoring, progressive profiling, prospect deduplication, and time-based degradation.
  • Bronto also lacks several email marketing features: delivery tracking, HTML validation, image validation, link validation, offer optimization, scheduled emails, and WYSIWYG email design.

Advantages of Bronto:

  • While Marketo is used more overall and has coverage in more industries, Bronto leads in the Adult, Home & Garden, Clothing, Arts & Entertainment, and People And Society industries.

Shared Advantages:

  • Campaign management features
    • Both offer campaign diagrams and a drag and drop interface to visualize how your campaigns will operate.
    • Both allow you to send SMS (text messages) to your leads or customers, in addition to emails, a feature that is surprisingly lacking from many other marketing automation platforms.
  • Lead management
    • When a prospect takes an action, you can use this to trigger an automatic communication, so that leads get messages when they are most relevant or most likely to result in a sale.
  • While Bronto is lacking heavily in email marketing features compared to Marketo, the two share these features in common:
    • The crucial capability to run A/B tests on emails. This allows you to identify which emails are proving most effective with statistical significance, and optimize your existing and future campaigns with this knowledge.
    • Email templates give you the ability to send professionally designed emails that will catch the eye and not appear out of place to recipients.
    • Triggered emails are emails sent out in response to a lead taking a certain action, waiting a certain amount of time, etc., in order to send them the most relevant message for their situation.
  • Both platforms allow you to run A/B tests on your landing pages. While Bronto does not offer a landing page designer, this is still a useful feature to have as a method of testing messages, or alternate landing page versions designed outside of Bronto.
  • Social media:
    • Both allow you to publish to Facebook from the marketing automation platform.
    • Both allow you to track the performance of your Facebook posts to measure business impact.
    • Both offer social media sign-on as an alternative to web forms, a great way to encourage sign-ups, since this can be done without needing to type in any information.
  • Both offer important reporting tools, including campaign performance reports, mobile alerts to notify you of reports, email performance reports, and revenue modeling capabilities.
  • Both offer a custom sales dashboard to help sales personnel identify promising leads.