Marketo vs Adobe Campaign

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Marketo is a big name in marketing automation, and Adobe is a big name period. How does Adobe Campaign, the marketing automation piece of Adobe Marketing Cloud, stack up?

Not very well, actually.

Marketo has a far stronger feature sets in every category: email marketing, lead management, reporting, and CRM integration.

Given that Adobe Campaign is unapologetically aimed squarely and exclusively at the enterprise market, it's very hard to recommend Adobe Campaign over Marketo. Companies should consider themselves lucky if Adobe will give them the time of day with a price point in the tens of thousands of dollars, while Marketo's pricing starts at around $1100.

Given that Marketo's feature set also blows Adobe's out of the water, it's hard to imagine any reason to go with Adobe unless tens of thousands of dollars is chump change, you happen to think the interface will work better for your workforce, you don't need the extra features of Marketo, and don't expect to need them in the future. If you want an alternative to Marketo, there are far better options in both feature sets and pricing.

Advantages of Marketo

  • Marketo offers file hosting for your white papers, lead magnets, etc.
  • Marketo beats Adobe Campaign on lead management capabilities:
    • Progressive profiling allows you to collect additional information from leads over time as they fill out new forms etc.
  • On email marketing, while Adobe Campaign offers a few features missing from Marketo's native feature set, Marketo is still the clear leader:
    • Responsive design is included in emails automatically
    • Email templates make professional design easy
    • HTML, link, and image validation ensure there are no code errors
    • Offer optimization allows you to customize email marketing based on a prospect's data
    • Adobe Campaign does not offer a WYSIWYG interface for their emails
  • Adobe Campaign is missing poll voting, referral offers, social sign-on for easy form population, and video sharing for prospects to share to your site and social media.
  • Marketo's reporting features include landing page performance reports, mobile alerts, revenue modeling, and web analytics that aren't available through Adobe.
  • Adobe Campaign's CRM integration capabilities are limited, with no automatic field mapping to transfer data, no syncing of data, no custom dashboards, and no triggered updates to campaigns based on changes in the CRM.

Advantages of Adobe Campaign

  • While Marketo is the clear leader on email marketing features, Adobe has a few features that deserve attention:
    • Blacklist monitoring to prevent any of your emails being sent from blacklisted IP addresses
    • Dedicated email IP addresses so that you don't share your IP with other marketers who may taint the address
    • Automatically send emails based when your RSS feed is updated
  • Jerry

    I read this article with interest as I am currently evaluating a wide range of enterprise digital marketing automation solutions. I hate to say it but this article is so so wrong on so many levels. The first thing you need to understand is that Marketo is primary designed fora B2B use case. The ‘marketing automation’ parts of the solution simply do not scale from the UI perspective and the volume perspective for large B2C enterprises (I don’t want to be mean but the UI of Marketo is the Windows98 of the MareTech world,). Your mention of costs is wrong. If you are an enterprise organization with many millions of customers Adobe will cost much more than ’10’s of thousands of dollars’ and Marketo will be about the same. Marketo did not be the success it it by selling 1000USD worth of solutions. They, like all enterprise software companies look at 300K to 500K as high value projects and often price run excess of 1MMUSD for large/global enterprise projects.
    Just to touch on your four categories where Marketo 'blows Adobe's out of the water’ (is that a considered view of enterprise tech?) 1. Email marketing. Adobe is designed to scale to B2C audiences naturally scales better than Marketo (typical clients require the ability to send in the region of 10million emails per hour). Adobe does have WYSIWYG email design capabilities that are integrated with the wider Adobe Creative and Marketing Cloud. For example a full integration is made with Adobe AEM for Asset Management and Photoshop supporting the managelent of Email marketing from creative to reporting. 2. Lead management. You are right, Marketo has a better range of functionality than Adobe in this area. Adobe Campaign has never been marketed as a B2B platform, Marketo is only a B2B platform. 3. Reporting. The latest version of Adobe has very good reporting and analytic features. In fact all analytics and reporting in Adobe is based on the Adobe Analytics Cloud. Marketo has basic reporting using basic Email marketing KPIs (open, clicks, bounces etc.) it does to provide any analytical reporting at all to speak of. 4. CRM Integration. Marketo is probably better here as, again, it’s designed for B2B marketing and integration with an SFA is mandatory.
    When you are evaluating marketing automation and digital marketing technology you can’t just compare at the level you have tempted to do int his article. You need to have an in-depth understanding of the solutions, how they differ, what value they bring and how they can help drive better engagement with customers, at scale.
    BTW I have no love for either product, and I also believe that Salesforce ExactTarget/Marketing Cloud is much better for B2C use cases than Marketo and slightly better than Adobe.