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Marketing automation has changed the way businesses grow.

After choosing a platform, your job is just getting started. And if you haven't done that yet; reach out: we can offer a variety of platform discounts and advise on on vendors at no cost to you.

The salespeople at these firms are great at selling software as the answer to your hopes and dreams. Don't be deceived. A marketing automation tool is just a platform to do your marketing development. Which can be powerful, but if you come at it without a process, it's going to be a total waste.

Our Marketing Automation Process

Northcutt has deployed marketing automation solutions on virtually every enterprise-tier platform with success. We've designed a framework and tested thousands of tactics for doing account-based marketing and improving the way that marketing interacts with sales. This includes:

  • Lead scoring (MQLs)
  • Lead segmenting
  • Complex drip sequences
  • Lifecycle rules
  • Automated data management
  • Systems integration
  • Training for in-house teams

Think about your digital marketing funnel in three phases. The first phase doesn't require a high-end marketing automation platform and the latter phases do. Even with a strong team, the first year is likely to be a grind, so there's no sense paying for the most expensive platform and features on day 1.

As your approach grows more complex, you gain a greater understanding of those individuals visiting your website and occupying your various CRMs, enabling true account-based marketing. After integrating your sales CRM, billing database, and other tools, while extending into other datasets with native webhooks and connectors like Zapier, the possibilities are endless.

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