Do you need a Market Research Agency? At Northcutt, Market Research is one of our specialties.

Market research is the cornerstone of your digital marketing foundation. Without investing the time and effort in truly understanding where your brand fits in the marketplace, all other subsequent marketing investments could be wasted.

Our Market Research Process

ur consumer analysts draw on their expertise to discover the best possible consumers for whatever your products or services are. This includes factoring in demographics, price range, location, and the cost of outreach.

We begin by surveying your audience (if it's large) or launching 1-1 surveys with your audience (f it's not). We use third party data providers to understand demand in terms of search, publicity, and other factors. Northcutt will also typically complete a detailed competitive analysis to compare how your brand's digital presence is positioned compared to others like it in the marketplace.

Using this information, we'll work collaboratively with your major stakeholders to define a value proposition and buyer personas that will keep all else aligned for years to come.  

Market Research Topics

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