Northcutt creates end-to-end lead nurturing programs for clients to help move prospects down the pipeline and closer to a closed sale. We understand the importance of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the buyer's journey and at every rung along the sales funnel. We help bridge the gap between sales and marketing through our customized lead nurturing programs that take into consideration the top needs of prospects and pair those with carefully crafted answers on the appropriate channels.

Lead Nurturing Emails

One of the best methods to impact leads is through lead nurturing emails. We work closely with both your sales and marketing departments to ensure we have the primary issues, questions, and concerns that are top-of-mind for your customers and prospects. We take that valuable information and weave it into highly effective email messaging, which is pushed into a strategic workflow aimed at your target audience. Through customized copy, data-backed workflows and support through other channels, our lead nurturing emails are highly effective and warming cold leads, moving warm leads into hot territory, and pushing sales-ready leads into the next step. Our lead generation audit is a great first step for businesses who are not sure what type of lead nurturing emails they may need. We've done the legwork on what turns subscribers into buyers and we help our clients replicate those results in their own lead nurturing emails.

Lead Nurturing Ideas

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