Beginners Guide to Writing Headlines for Landing Pages

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Landing Page Content
Writing the perfect landing page content that reels readers in and gets them to convert is a tricky task, one that is often overlooked. It's quite common for us as writers to think we know what readers want to read, based on our personal preferences or biased opinion of what we think is important. Unfortunately, personal opinion is not always the money maker that will get people in through your virtual doors. Here's a short beginner's guide to writing compelling headlines for landing page content.

The Bait

As with any other form of written work, there has to be a draw card that urges your readers to find out more. You have to convince the world out there that by reading what your landing page has to say, they will be doing themselves a favor. They need to want it; they need to feel that without it, they will be missing out. Creating this lure is the most crucial part to writing landing page that works - it's also the most difficult part.

Know Your Consumer

The age old marketing tactic is something that will keep on cropping up in every sales orientated blog post you read from here until eternity. Getting into the mindset of your target market is the easiest way to help you understand what it is they're looking for and why. If you were Mr Smith and you were looking for the latest in SmartPhone technology, what headlines would you be scouring the web for? Create personas, delve into their thoughts and determine what it is they'd be surfing for and how they'd like it to be packaged.

Highlight Your Distinctiveness

Quite simply, what is it about your product that would make me want to buy it? There might be another thousand variations of the same service or product out there, so why would you recommend that people invest in yours? Highlight what it is that makes you unique and why this discerning factor would make a difference in the lives of your consumers.

Highlighting the Finer Details

Be specific about what it is you're going to do for this consumer. Tell them there and then, using one headline, what your product will allow them to achieve. Whether it be losing 10 pounds or winning a holiday; make sure you're giving them the specifics in as few words as possible.
• Lose Weight with FancySlim
• FancySlim Eating Plan
• Lose 10 Pounds in 5 Weeks with FancySlim

You've got three variations of a potential headline that's selling the same product. The first one is intriguing, but not very explanatory. The second is vague, but it has potential to excite a few hardened diet gurus. The third is telling you exactly what you're getting and how, in a few simple words - this is what you're aiming for.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice a few different variations that encompass all of the above pointers and get some opinions on what works for different people. When in doubt, take a break and come back to it later for a fresh perspective. After you've done it a few times, you'll start to get a feel for the tone and messaging and you'll soon be whipping up landing page content like there's no tomorrow.

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