Shopify is fantastic at simplifying ecommerce.

Unfortunately, this simplicity spawns certain laziness and complacency. Out-of-the-box, many things work better on Shopify than other platforms.

As brands grow on Shopify, they soon learn that running an ecommerce store that works exactly like thousands of others isn't great. Work must be done to improve novelty. It takes even more work (and a little creativity) to offer more value to search users and earn a greater velocity of backlinks.

A final ~20% of your technical SEO performance you'll just never achieve until moving into a more flexible, developer-friendly platform (like BigCommerce). But, if you're running a Shopify store that:

  1. Generates $2+ million in annual revenue.
  2. Has not established pro-active SEO as a weekly business process.

...then you're leaving money on the table. In most cases, quite a lot.

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Northcutt's expert SEO consultants know the platform. Most of our strategists have been doing ecommerce SEO for over 10 years.

We're specialists in national and international SEO work for high-end brands. While most SEO firms put minimal effort towards 10-20 ranking factors using automation and mindless outsourcing, we built our own 24-module audit system and have obsessed over all of Google's hundreds of ranking factors to get there.

And unlike most other SEO companies, ecommerce SEO is the focus. Ours is a model where you can't hide behind outsourcing and hustling companies that aren't digital-savvy. Not convinced yet? No problem. Below is just a taste of what we've written about optimizing Shopify for more search revenue.

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