Adobe's Magento is a powerhouse of ecommerce SEO capability.

But, like all ecommerce platforms, the out-of-the-box solution is full of missteps.

Magento extensions can patch most of the technical issues back together and enable advanced schema/structured data. This not only helps you rank better -- it makes your listings draw more attention from little yellow review stars, breadcrumb links to your category silos, and beyond.

A little custom development work in your themes will fix the rest. But only if you know where the opportunity is at.

Hire The Best Magento SEO Firm

Northcutt's expert SEO consultants know the platform. Most of our strategists have been doing ecommerce SEO for over 10 years.

We're specialists in national and international SEO work for high-end brands. While most SEO firms put minimal effort towards 10-20 ranking factors using automation and mindless outsourcing, we built our own 24-module audit system and have obsessed over all of Google's hundreds of ranking factors to get there.

And unlike most other SEO companies, ecommerce SEO is the focus. Ours is a model where you can't hide behind outsourcing and hustling companies that aren't digital-savvy. Not convinced yet? No problem. Below is just a taste of what we've written about optimizing Magento for more search revenue.

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