7 Unique Ways to Create Content for Your Ecommerce Website

Zac Harris    By under Ecommerce SEO.

Like the ecommerce industry, content marketing is constantly evolving. Ideas and strategies that might have worked last year, or even last month, may no longer be relevant or produce the same conversions that they did before.

The truth is, companies are constantly discovering how to create better content--and how to market it more effectively. As a result, it's getting harder to make your own content stand out.

Never fear! We've put together a useful list of seven unique ways to create stand-out content for your ecommerce website.

Here's a hint: They all involve authentically connecting with your ideal customer.

1. Design Interactive Quizzes

People love talking about themselves, and your customers are no exception. Why not use that fact as an opportunity to connect with and learn about them, all while sharing information about your brand?

Interactive quizzes are invaluable content tools that help generate brand awareness and drive engagement. They are also tons of fun! Quizzes can be used to help customers figure out which products are right for them and just about anything else, as long as it ties back to your brand. For example, the online personal shopping service Stitch Fix makes great use of a quiz to identify potential customers' style profiles.

Here's a tip: Make sure you gear your questions towards your customers'  tastes and preferences, rather than your products.

Typeform Star Wars Quiz

2. Put Together Thematic Shopping Guides

Connect with your customers and give them a reason to buy your product. After all, a potential customer might be interested in your products but simply hasn't had the time or reason to give them a try. 

Thematic shopping guides give direction to your customers' browsing. Imagine your customer is looking for a perfect holiday gift for their partner, and they stumble across your business's thematic shopping guide on finding perfect presents for the whole family. In no time, you've made a pertinent connection, increased brand awareness, and motivated your customers to choose your products.

Shopping guides aren't just for the holidays either. They can be used for various important events, seasonal changes, and even the showcasing of trendy, new products.

The best part? Thematic shopping guides are flexible in terms of presentation, so you can repurpose them as images, graphics, videos, and blogs throughout your online presence.

3. Organize Social Media Photo Contests

Sometimes, your customers can help you create highly engaging content. One way to do this is by running social media photo contests.

There are a couple of reasons that social media contests have been taking off recently: They're highly engaging, develop the relationship you have with your customers, increase brand awareness, expand your social media presence, and help you create content.

To run an image-based contest, companies ask their customers to post an original photo showing one of their products with a specific hashtag. Then, the company chooses a winner and rewards them with prizes like giveaways, freebies or discount codes.

Voila! You will be able to repost the photo submissions you receive as unique content-- goodbye searching through stock photos and staging product photoshoots!

Facebook Photo Contest

4. Ask for Customer Opinions

Asking for opinions and testimonials is yet another way that your customers can help you create highly engaging content. Using customers' opinions in your content marketing helps build brand trust. 

Customer-generated testimonials are perceived as trustworthy by other shoppers. Think about it! When you're researching a new product or service, what's one of the main things you look for? Good reviews, of course. 

Once you've collected some great testimonials about your products, make sure to have fun creating content based on them! Colorful graphics showcasing quotes and photos work great on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. If you want to take customer testimonials to the next level, that brings me to our next suggestion...

5. Tell A Customer Story 

Every successful ecommerce business has a clear idea of who their ideal customer is. So, why not use real-life ideal customers to produce unforgettable content for your business?

This tactic is something that many successful outdoor wear companies like 66 North and Arc'teryx do well: Creating high-quality, memorable content spotlighting customers that love the outdoors as much as they do. They produce visual representations of their ideal customer, providing inspiration for potential customers along the way.  

Telling the story of an exceptional person who loves using your products enriches your brand's narrative and forms an emotional connection with your audience. Best of all, unique, meaningful customer stories are eye-catching, memorable, and highly shareable.

6. Connect with a Cause

Diversify your content by connecting with a bigger picture cause that's meaningful to your business. The cause you choose can be social, cultural, environmental, political, or even environmental. 

Perhaps you want to highlight local materials that are used in your products, or maybe you'd like to share the sustainable way in which your products are made. Most importantly, you should be identifying a cause that's important to both you and your ideal customer. 

Cause-based content is great because it allows you to promote something you care about, while simultaneously raising your own brand awareness. This kind of content can be shared just about anywhere: on social media, your website and in emails.

7. Share Tips and Tricks

Pique a customer's interest in your products by giving them tips and tricks on how to use them best. You know your products better than anyone, and you can create content to share that knowledge with your customers. If someone's checking out your business's content, they're probably already interested in your products. So, why not provide even more reasons to give them a try?

Tips, tricks, and how-to guides can be presented as images, infographics, blogs, e-mails, and videos, but it's best to give them a strong visual element. After all, you want your customers to be able to envision themselves using your products in all their different capacities! 

Tips and tricks can easily be shared with your customers throughout your online presence: On your website, in emails, on social media, and as online advertisements.

Altogether, content marketing is highly worthwhile for your ecommerce business. It increases brand awareness, helps build authentic relationships with your customers, generates conversions, and is oftentimes less expensive than traditional marketing. 

However, constantly coming up with fresh content ideas can be a challenge.  So get your creative juices flowing and give the tactics above a try. 

Every business is different, so experiment with various ideas and see what works best for you. If you keep creativity, customer connections, and conversions in mind, you can be sure that your content will stand out from the crowd.


This guest post comes from the Northcutt community. Alex Birch is the SEO Manager at Typeform. Lover of all things marketing & search, originally from Manchester, UK but now enjoying life in sunny Barcelona.