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BigCommerce provides endless opportunity for mid-market brands to compete in Google on the highest levels. As a Certified, Elite Partner, Northcutt prefers BigCommerce to most (if not all) other ecommerce platforms in most scenarios.

But BigCommerce is just a tool. BigCommerce's vision for an ecommerce ecosystem that doesn't abandon developers means that many unsolvable SEO issues that plague simpler, less-flexible platforms are no issue.

Plentiful ERP and PIM integrations enable an international SEO experience that's a breeze on BigCommerce.

Using the Headless Commerce plugin, BigCommerce can also live inside of WordPress. This means that the most optimized content marketing experience available can blend seamlessly into the site's ecommerce features.

But ease of use is also your enemy. Because when everybody is spinning up products and categories with the same default elements, you look just a little bit too much like everybody else. Google doesn't like returning 10 of the exact same thing to people on page 1: there are lots of mechanisms that prevent it, such as novelty scoring.

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