5 Experts Share How to Boost Ecommerce Sales

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With the ease of places like Amazon and other online retail monsters, more and more people are turning to the internet for their purchases. Is there a way to turn that person who might be lurking your product page into a customer that actually buys something?

It turns out there are a few great ideas to help you bridge that gap. We asked a few ecommerce experts about their best tips for boosting ecommerce sales. Here's what they have to say!

5 Experts Share How to Boost Ecommerce Sales 1

Short term? Amazon and Facebook, hands down. The reach of these two platforms is amazing and is sure to boost sales if optimized correctly.

Long term? SEO and customer service. You want to rank on the first page of the product you are selling as well as go above and beyond for the customer who will likely repeat or spread the word about your brand.

Shahzil Amin, Blue Track Media 

5 Experts Share How to Boost Ecommerce Sales 2

After servicing hundreds of ecommerce companies in the past decade I have seen so many of them go out of business. I also have seen some go from a few thousand dollars a month to millions of dollars a month. How did they do it? It's all about the funnel and understanding customer acquisition costs.

For example: We have a B2B ecommerce company that sells products to trucking companies with fleets. They have an average order of $100.00 and most clients are one-off. The problem is that to scale with Google Ads it costs about $150.00 to get someone to spend $100.00. To most business owners, that is called "getting burned".

If you are smart, you can get them to spend more money by understanding the marketing funnel. Our client turned a lead that cost them $150.00 into a client that now pays them $1500.00 (10x ROI) EACH MONTH! (100x ROI)

Joe Apfelbaum, Ajax Union

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"Invest in high quality product data. I see so many retailers, distributors, and manufacturers with poor product data and product pages. Your product data such as user-generated reviews, descriptions, images, videos, logistics information, attributes, and everything else about your product is going to drive sales, as well as drive more marketplace sales if you decide to go multi-channel or omnichannel. I would also evaluate PIM systems like Sales Layer or Salsify to manage your product data."

Isaiah Bollinger, Trellis

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One of the best ways for boosting ecommerce sales is by using scarcity and urgency.

Scarcity is when you show your customers that an offer won't last long. Scarcity is based on your store having a limited quantity of the product.

Urgency is when you show your customers that you can only get the product in a limited amount of time.

By using both scarcity and urgency on your store you will boost your ecommerce sales because customers will not want to miss out on your offers."

Robert Kilonzo, Omnistar Affliate

5 Experts Share How to Boost Ecommerce Sales 5

Factors such as quantity, rarity, and time, all play a major role in our subconscious buying behavior. By giving consumers valid reasons to make a purchase today, rather than delaying until tomorrow, will help retailers increase their online conversions while simultaneously crafting a better shopping experience.

Offer a discount rewarding the behavior of purchasing today. Use a countdown timer to show when a deal is expiring. Draw attention to out of stock or limited stock products. Host a weekly or daily deal.

Luiz Centenaro, LuizCentenaro.com

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