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reading bookNew flowers, new SEO periodic table, and a new Social Media Marketing Industry Report. May was a busy month in the world of inbound marketing. Now that you've had a chance to see the results of "mobilegeddon" and Google's quality update come in, it's time to get back to the grindstone and keep your site ranking and your business growing. Check out the great collection of articles below with tips on SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. Here's what you missed from May. If you're looking for the same great content the rest of the month, join us on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook. Enjoy!


Why SEOs Should Focus on Google's 498 Other Signals, Not Just Panda & Penguin

If you have ever been hit by a flying Panda or Penguin, it can have a pretty devastating effect. And by far, the most Google algo attention is given to Panda and Penguin, with the only possible exception of the month leading up to the mobile friendly algo launch date in April.

Here Comes Applebot: The Start of Apple Web Search?

A few days ago, Search Engine Land reported that Apple Confirms Their Web Crawler: Applebot in which Apple admitted that the web crawling program was being used to help with products such as Siri and Spotlight Suggestions, and Apple pointed Search Engine Land to an Apple Support help page for Applebot.

Falling From A "Skyscraper": Why Famous SEO Strategies Won't Work For You

How many famous SEO strategies have you tried to replicate? I've tried quite a few, but have never been able to get the same great results as what the original authors led me to expect.

The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors: 2015 Edition Now Released

The latest version of Search Engine Land's Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors is now out. This is the third edition since we first launched our search engine optimization framework in 2011. Below, a rundown of what's new and changed, as well as a reintroduction to the table.

Keyword Research for the Modern Customer Journey

User behavior and customer purchase journeys are more complex today than they've ever been before. Modern consumers - especially those purchasing high-consideration or B2B products - look across a variety of media and conduct a lot of searches.

SEO Checklist: Never Forget Anything About SEO Ever Again

Some 8 years back, when I was just starting to get serious with this SEO thing, I scoured the Web for an SEO checklist that would help me remember all these new things that I was learning.

6 SEO Tips That Helped Us Double Our Blog Traffic In Less Than A Year

Writing for SEO is something many writers dread, because it's a term associated with bad writing tactics like keyword stuffing. (SEO tips, SEO tips, read this for lots of great SEO tips! Classy, right?) Instead, writing for SEO truly starts with researching.

Content Marketing

A Beginner's Guide to Publishing on LinkedIn

Try as I may, I'll never be able to recreate my mother's tomato sauce recipe. It's a science; a tried-and-tested formula that took her years to master. (Time well spent, if you ask me.) But the great thing about formulas is that they provide us with a starting point -- a list of the elements we need to produce an intended outcome.

The Reach, Engagement, and ROI of Content Marketing

As the efficacy of outbound marketing continues to wane, more marketers are evaluating inbound tactics as a way to achieve success. So, how does Content Marketing stack up against the rest?

The Internet Marketing Stack

I've prattled on about the marketing stack for a few years now, but haven't really explained each chunk. This 5-post series explains the stack as a whole, then piece-by-piece. I'm not some TV series jerk who will keep you hanging, though, wondering which of your favorite characters will die next (cough HBO cough cough). Instead, we've published the whole series at once.

Why You Need to Start Creating Long, Evergreen Content Today

Small business owners who promote thin content thinking readers don't have the time, energy, or patience required to filter their content pieces are seriously underestimating their audiences. These days, crafting in-depth relevant content is not just necessary - it's actually required.

The Reach, Engagement, and ROI of Content Marketing vs. Native Advertising

As the efficacy of outbound marketing continues to wane, more and more marketers are considering native advertising and content marketing as viable alternatives. According to our survey, 72% of clients have asked their content marketing agencies about native advertising.

Social Media Marketing

2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Do you wonder how your peers are using social media? Wondering if you should focus on Pinterest, Instagram or SlideShare? Thinking of getting into podcasting? In our seventh annual social media study, more than 3700 marketers reveal where they focus their social media activities.

What the Data Says About Social Media On Homepages

The purpose of any homepage is to act as a launching pad for users to find relevant information specific to their needs. Deciding what to include on your homepage, however, is an endless conversation amongst marketers.

Twitter Needs to Change, But Only if It Stays the Same

Twitter has a problem. It wants to appeal to n00bs and power users all at once. And it thinks a more curated experience may be the key. Since its launch nine years ago, Twitter's user experience has always been driven by individual choices.

What CEOs Have Learned About Social Media

When it comes to social media, today's CEOs have made a remarkable transition over the past five years. A recent analysis by my firm, Weber Shandwick, found that 80% of the chief executive officers of the world's largest 50 companies are engaged online and on social media.

5 Ways to Make Social Media a Mindset, Not a Tool

We often talk about social media in terms of tools, but is it actually more of a mindset shift? Strategist and best-selling author Erica Dhawan thinks it is. In her work and new book, Get Big Things Done, she talks about connectional intelligence, the number-one skill we all need to develop in the connected era.

This month we'll leave you with a fun video that looks at Screentendo, an app that makes your computer screen into a Mario level.