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2016 was quite a year. We'll say it again. The Cubs won the World Series!! In game seven!! In extra innings!! After 108 years!! Moving onto the world of inbound marketing, quite a bit has a changed in the last year. So much so in fact, that we asked some of our expert friends to offer their opinions on how 2016 changed digital marketing. Feel free to take a look after you finish with the roundup. Without further ado, here's December's best content. Jump right in or feel free to click on a specific section to head directly to it. 


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How to Rank Number One in Google: A Study of 1 Million Pages

Whenever I speak to people about SEO, the number one question that I get asked is, "What's the most important factor to rank number one in Google?"

How We Increased Search Traffic 373% in 6 Weeks

We started with a goal: increase organic search traffic 100% in three months. It was a little lofty, but achievable.
Instead, after six weeks, traffic had grown by 373%. In fact, it multiplied almost overnight.

SEO and Digital Trends in 2017

2016 is, finally, close to its end. It was an intense year, especially when it came to SEO and Google in particular. Because I'm deeply convinced that we cannot attempt any preview of the future without considering what happened in the past, I invite you to look back at the events that have marked the evolution of Google in the past 10 months.

What We've Learned About SEO in 2016

Since the inception of the search engine, SEO has been an important, yet often misunderstood industry. For some, these three little letters bring massive pain and frustration. For others, SEO has saved their business.

What Executives Need to Know About Google's Mobile-First Index

In November, Google announced plans to move to what they called "mobile-first" indexing, continuing a trend of increasingly emphasising the mobile user experience.

Content Marketing

3 Steps to Getting Started with Content Marketing

Did you know that, on average, smartphone users touch their phones 2,617 times each day? According to the survey conducted by So, you've heard a lot about the value of content and how important it is to your marketing efforts, right?

State of Content Marketing 2017: The 3 Traits That Will Make Brands Truly Successful

In 1956, a dust of mysterious plant spores blew into the town of Santa Mira, California. That's when things started getting weird.

10 Ways to Recycle Content from Your Business Blog

Creating quality content takes a lot of time and energy. That's not to say every piece you put on your blog is your best work. But we all have those posts... you know, the ones where we just hit the mark. Maybe it was the depth of research. Or maybe it was a certain twist that caused the piece to go viral.

6 Steps to Get Your Whole Company Involved in Content Marketing

Apparently, 61% of the most effective marketers are meeting with their content teams regularly. But imagine if other teams in the company were involved in content? How could that increase effectiveness?

How Google May Be Slowing Down AMP by Not Using  Direct Links to Publishers

One of the biggest disadvantages for publishers in using AMP -- the accelerated mobile pages format -- is that Google will not show a publisher's actual URL when displaying AMP pages. Google says this is so AMP pages load quickly.

Social Media

Google Indexing of Twitter Appears to Be Declining

At Stone Temple, we've been actively tracking Google's indexation of Twitter since July of 2014. Today, I'm publishing our fourth update, and it offers up some fascinating insights. At the end of this post you'll find a handy slide deck summary of the whole study.

Top 5 Social Media Trends for Businesses in 2017

RIP Vine. It seems like just a few short years ago that the network--and its catchy 6-second video format--debuted and companies raced to figure out how to cash in.

Why Instagram is the Best Social Media App of 2016 and Possibly 2017

What a difference a year makes?! Think about how your Instagram feed looked last year versus how it looks this year. Completely different right? For those who don't have an Instagram account or don't remember Instagram before all the updates, here's how Instagram positioned itself as the third most popular social media app and the best social media app of 2016.

Facebook Discloses New Measurement Errors, Continues to Hone its Math

Math is hard, even for Facebook. And it's getting harder to trust Facebook's math, even as the social network fine-tunes its calculations.

2017 Key to Small Business Social Media Marketing

Here's my 2017 New Year's resolution to you: I want you to focus on your organic social media reach for the next year. As we wrap up 2016, I've been reviewing my core strategy for my personal brand and why it matters for all of my clients, small business friends, contemporaries, and others putting out branded content.


Content Upgrades: The Secrets Behind 10X-ing Your Conversion Rate

Every once in a while, there's a new lead generation tactic that rises in the online marketing space. Some are one-hit wonders and others go on to be the best lead generation tactics for years.

12 Amazing Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

There's a lot of hype around Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and you're probably wondering if it's real. Well, you're in luck. We're going to share 12 real CRO case studies with fascinating results that may sound too good to be true, but are.

How to Develop a Winning CRO Testing Roadmap

If you're reading this post, you already know how CRO ("conversion rate optimization") can help you increase revenues and create better customer experiences. The problem now is: how do you decide what to test?

How to Do Conversion Attribution Modeling

Customers don't usually see one ad and then click over to purchase. In reality, the path is much more complex, and usually includes various marketing channels - organic and paid search, referral, social media, television.

Do You Really Need to Test Your Site to Improve Your Conversion Rate?

Talk to almost any online marketer and you'd think that they held a PhD in psychology. At the drop of a hat, they can tell you all about what button colors, typeface, contrast, spacing, line of sight, hero shots, etc you should use to subconsciously drive a website visitor to convert.


Do Backlinks Still Matter?

True or false? Backlinks are the holy grail of search results. The confusion remains. The speculation continues. And the research keeps pouring forth. The more you read this stuff, the less clear you are on the answers.

What Link Building Success Really Looks Like

A few weeks ago, a post was published entitled The SEO Myth of Going Viral. It referenced 8 pieces of content across 4 different sites that went viral and, most importantly for SEO, gained hundreds of linking root domains.

7 Easy Local Link Building Tactics You Should Be Using

What's the difference between a regular link and a local link? Well, local links are links from local sources, typically, websites that are specific to a particular city. For example, a lawyer in Denver Colorado might have some local links from a local Denver newspaper, a local college, and a few other businesses within Denver.

SEO Study: Backlinks Decline as Ranking Factor

In a practice as complex and seemingly indecipherable as search engine optimization, the clues gleaned from large ranking factor studies can shine some light. To this end, Searchmetrics, a search marketing company, released its annual Google ranking factors study this week.

Link Campaigns: Strategy Development and Review

Link campaigns need strategy. Link building is a difficult, time-consuming process that doesn't produce results overnight. However, strategic link acquisition is necessary to achieve long-term improvements in organic search.


5 Psychology Principles You Can Use to Improve Email Click-Through Rates

Email isn't dead, but attention for online consumers is at a premium. During this time of the year when every major ecommerce and online retailer is sending email campaigns, it's important that you do what you can to make your emails stand out from the crowd.

What Most Marketers Get Wrong About Sales Emails

There seems to be some confusion between cold emails and marketing emails. Cold emails are exactly like they sound: cold. They're sent to strangers with the goal of getting a response, usually with the intention of starting some kind of conversation for sales or business development. - by Heather Morgan

The 12 Stages of Email Marketing's Evolution: Past and Future

The email inbox is ripe for innovation because inbox providers "haven't come up with anything new" since 1975. That's what Drew Houston, the founder of CEO of Dropbox, said at Dreamforce in 2013.

8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

Throughout the years, email marketing has remained one of the most effective ways to convert prospects, as well as existing customers, into sales and revenue.

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