April 2017's Best Inbound Marketing Ideas

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It's time for April 2017's monthly roundup! Each month, we search out the best and most relevant inbound marketing content on the internet. Feel free to head directly to a specific section by clicking on the appropriate link below or scroll through to enjoy the entire roundup at your leisure.


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Large Site SEO Basics: Faceted Navigation

In this Moz post, Serge Stefoglo takes a closer look at faceted navigation and its impact on SEO.

SEO Secrets: Reverse-Engineering Google's Algorithm

"SEO isn't magic, it's knowing what to do," writes Benjamin Bannister. In this post, he offers a nice summary of some basic SEO concepts for those of you who need a primer.

Smashing Semantic SEO in 2017 & Beyond: The Ultimate Guide

A nice semantic SEO guide from Sam Hurley of Digital Current.

Google Rewrites Its Powerful Search Rankings to Bury Fake News

As the controversy over 'fake news' continues to rise, Google is doing something about. Bloomberg takes a closer look at the algorithmic changes they're making.

How Google Eats a Business Whole

Have you ever done a Google search for a celebrity's net worth? Adrianne Jeffries explains how those searches are putting a negative spotlight on Google's Featured Snippets program.

Content Marketing

8 Biggest Content Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2017

The Coredna blog takes a closer look at the content marketing trends you should be paying attention to this year.

The Guardian pulls out of Facebook's Instant Articles and Apple News

Is the honeymoon between publishers and platforms over? Digiday takes a look at The Guardian's reasons for pulling out of Instant Articles and Apple News.

6 Underused Content Marketing Strategies That Get Results

With many business owners unclear what content marketing success even looks like, Sam Davies offers up a handful of underutilized strategies that get results.

Content Marketing KPIs & Metrics: 15 Important Considerations

You've invested in content marketing. Are you tracking the correct KPIs and metrics to know if it's working? Rob Garner looks at 15 things you should consider.

2 Funnels Are Necessary for Content Marketing

Is using the wrong funnels giving you inaccurate expectations of what to expect from your content marketing efforts? Daniel Hochuli looks at the two funnels you need.

Social Media

A Beginner's Guide to Mastodon, the Hot New Open-Source Twitter Clone

As Twitter continue to try and find their footing, Mastodon is attempting to build a more friendly and accepting environment. Megan Farokhmanesh details this new open source social network.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Content Plan in 7 Steps

Do you have a plan for your daily social media efforts? Warren Knight explains why you need a social media marketing content plan and how to make one.

25 Facebook Ad Design Hacks to Make People Click

With organic reach continuing to plummet, many businesses are turning to Facebook Ads. Aggregate looks at how to make these ads have an impact.

Facebook's Algorithm Isn't Surfacing One-Third of Our Posts. And It's Getting Worse

The Chicago Tribune has a Facebook problem. Deputy Editor for Digital News Kurt Gessler explains what's going on.

There Are No New Social Networks

In this article, Molly McHugh looks at the dominance of the major social networks and wonders why some scrappy young upstart hasn't risen to challenge them.


The Impact of Color on Conversion Rates

The impact of color on customer experience is well documented. So, how do you choose the right color? Adobe Creative Cloud gets into it in this post.

Poor Sitewide Conversion Rates? Focus on Page-Specific Conversion Funnels

,In this post for KissMetrics, Danny Wong offers up his quick guide for capitalizing on page-specific conversion rates.

How to Convert More Customers by Adding Perceived Value

Edin Sabanovich looks at what you can do to impact the perceived value of your product to raise conversion rates..

The Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

You've heard of the merits of conversion rate optimization, but don't know where to start? Ben Cotton put together this nice beginner's guide to CRO for Hubspot.

The Conversion Funnel: How To Keep The Pipeline Flowing

From running ads to creating a form, KlientBoost looks at the ways to keep your conversion funnel full.


The State of Links: Yesterday's Ranking Factor?

Links are dead! Links are alive! Well, which is it? In this post, Tom Capper explains why it's probably a bit of both.

How to Build Authority Links to Your Website

Authority links are backlinks from a strong, authoritative website. So, how do you get these strong, authoritative links? Venchito Tampon takes a closer look.

The Value of All Link Types

Your content marketing campaigns can create all different kinds of links. Frac.tl explains how you can classify and assign value to those links.

How to Use PR to Build Backlinks to Your Ecommerce Store

Are backlinks a natural byproduct of your PR? This post from SpinSucks explains how to use PR to build links.

How to Improve Your Link Building with the SOSTAC Model

Have you ever thought about applying the SOSTAC Model to your link building? Do you even know what the SOSTAC Model is? Lee Wilson explains in this Search Engine Journal post.


Why Almost Every Marketing Email Your Company Sends Is Junk Mail

Do recipients actually want to receive your marketing emails? Here's how to make sure your emails aren't considered junk.

How to Leverage Social Intent Data for Email Marketing

With the huge abundance of behavioral data on social platforms, Jingcong Zhao explains why it would be foolish to not use this data in your email marketing efforts.

Three Key Findings from the 2017 Email Marketing Census

Econsultancy and Adestra recently released their 2017 Email Marketing Industry Census. Here's a look at the key findings.

Polish Your Email Marketing Effects This Spring

Are you ready to do some email marketing spring cleaning? This infographic from Campaigner will help you renew and refresh your email campaigns.

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