March 2016 Inbound Marketing Roundup

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shamrockSince our last roundup, Twitter and Instagram have made, or started to make, the transition to an algorithmic timeline along with Facebook. Who's next, Snapchat? In the world of online advertising, ad blockers continue to be at the crux of one of the great debates of our time. For the rest of the news from around the inbound marketing sphere, jump right into our roundup. Feel free to click on any section to head directly to it. 


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SEO Doesn't Have To Be A Shot In The Dark

To many startups, search engine optimization (SEO) is a task that sits on their company's back burner. With features to launch and customers to support, the idea of spending time fiddling with your title tags can seem like a fool's errand.

16 SEO Experiments That Will Change The Way You Think About SEO (Forever)

I think you'll agree with me when I say: There are MORE misconceptions surrounding SEO than almost any other aspect of digital marketing. And, it's hardly surprising when you consider there are more than 200 ranking factors, but almost all are shrouded in secret.

We Analyzed the HTTPS Settings of 10,000 Domains and How It Affects Their SEO - Here's What We Learned

We recently analyzed the top 10,000 domains to answer one question: "How well do they use HTTPS to improve their SERP rankings?" We looked at accessibility via HTTP and HTTPS. We looked at redirects. We looked at status codes.

RIP Google PageRank Score: A Retrospective on how it Ruined the Web

PageRank -- the secret sauce that Google used to become the giant of the search world -- is no more. No more for the public, that is. Google's numeric rating of how important it considers pages to be will soon no longer be accessible to the public.

RankBrain: A Study to Measure Its Impact

Google made a big splash in October 2015 when they announced the existence of a new ranking algorithm that they call RankBrain. The news broke in this article in Bloomberg. Google made some very limited comments about what it is, and has had little to say since then.

Content Marketing

What's the Secret of the Most Powerful Content Marketing Strategy? Simplicity

Imagine all the content created from the dawn of recorded history all the way up to 2003. Cave paintings, Renaissance artwork, Egyptian hieroglyphics, sacred texts, romance novels. The whole grand multicultural enchilada.

Why "Go Viral" Is Not An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Most marketers would love to go viral -- they want that amazing pickup, millions of shares, tons of attention, the elusive 15 minutes of fame. Why wouldn't you aim for huge success? It sounds amazing, right?

Here's How to Combine Storytelling and Data to Produce Persuasive Content

Can you recall Don Draper using statistics in a quote? Neither can I. Draper's pitches were successful because they focused on stories. (Remember the famous Kodak Carousel pitch?) He was on to something: Research highlights stories as key to capturing an audience's attention.

12 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016 [Infographic]

2016 is going to bring drastic changes to the world of content marketing by revolutionizing how we consume or publish content. There is a variety of people getting introduced to internet, mostly through mobile phones.

Social Media

How Snapchat Built a Business By Confusing Olds

On a Wednesday in early February, Khaled Khaled, a 40-year-old record producer from Miami, stepped into the garden of his temporary residence at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. As he does most mornings, he gave thanks for another day on earth. "Good morning," he said to no one in particular. "Bless up."

10 Things to Know About Twitter on its 10th Anniversary

Twitter is celebrating 10 years of existence today. Despite the constant criticism and concerns about its future, the short-messaging social media phenomenon certainly has a lot to celebrate.

Instagram Switching to Algorithm-Fueled Timeline to Uncover Best Content

Remember how last month Twitter announced a new algorithm-fuelled timeline aimed at helping users see the tweets most relevant to them? That was pretty well-received - there were only a few thousand or so tweets using the hashtag #RIPTwitter in response, proclaiming such a move to be the death of the service.

Yes, Even CEOs Need To Use Social Media--And They Need To Do It Well

These days, it's a rarity to find someone who's not on Facebook--unless that someone happens to be a Fortune 500 CEO. A new analysis from shows that the heads of the planet's most powerful companies still view social media as a distraction, if not an outright liability.


How to Increase Conversions at Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Visitors interact with your brand six to eight times on average before they become customers, according to several studies. Keeping that in mind, does it make sense to treat visitors on their first interaction the same as those on their sixth?

How to Build a Content Conversion Funnel

You know how much hard work it is creating content, don't you? Well... for all that hard work, you need to get some rewards for doing it! This is where a content conversion funnel comes in.

7 Conversion Optimization Trends to Stay Ahead of the Game

The ever-increasing competition on the web has forced marketers to be more creative in their content marketing endeavors than ever before in order to drive conversions.


Research Proves Positive Effects Of Outgoing Links

There are various myths and fables within the online marketing community. The vast majority of which are unsubstantiated, untested and unproven. However, a recognised and commonly observed fact is that incoming links can have a positive, as well as negative effect on your website's authority and in turn its ranking.

The Savvy SEO's Guide to Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis is one of the most discussed and strategized search engine optimization (SEO) tasks out there. But today, there are so many relevant tools out there that backlink analysis has become a seemingly overwhelming task.

Where & How Do Top Startups Get Their Links?

As a startup founder myself, it feels weird to talk about startups through the lens of backlinks. After all, there are so many other things to worry about -- how's my cash flow? Are my employees getting paid?

How to Find, Repair and Prevent 'Link Rot'

The introduction of Google's Panda algorithm left webmasters and online business owners alike scrambling. The change was designed to lower the rank of low-quality or "thin" sites and return higher-quality sites to the top of the search results.


How to Build a Massive Mailing List by Adding Content Upgrades to Your Site

Are your subscriber numbers....lagging? Are you looking for a fast, efficient way to add qualified prospects to your email mailing list? You may want to try adding some content upgrades to your blog posts or articles.

Sneaking a Peek at My Inbox: What Types of Email Subject Lines Should You Be Using?

Like most of you, I get a lot of email. Here's a look at all the marketing emails I received in my personal email in one 24-hour period.

Ray Tomlinson's Email is Flawed, but Never Bettered

He is widely regarded as the inventor of email, and is credited with putting the now iconic "@" sign in the addresses of the revolutionary system. He could never have imagined the multitude of ways email would come to be used, abused and confused.

Online Advertising

The Daily Ritual Buffer Uses to Boost Traffic to Their Best Posts

The world of paid ads can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, especially if you're new to the game and wondering where to even start. Wouldn't it be nice to find an easy and effective way of dipping your toes in?

7 Digital-Marketing Predictions You Need to Keep Your Eye On

Digital marketing is very fluid. Strategies are changing on a continual basis and it's impossible to sit back and relax. If you want to gain an advantage over your competition, you need to always be on the cutting edge.

A Never-Ending Story On Ad-Blockers

Desperate times call for desperate measures. In attempts to fight back against the growing adoption of ad-blockers, many publishers and ad-dependent websites adopt all kinds of techniques from introducing "light" paywalls to limiting access to the site to fully blocking ad-blocker users from accessing the content altogether.

This month we'll leave you with a look at movies references from The Simpsons.

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