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2015To end 2015, we put together a roundup that included some of our favorite SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Conversions, Backlinks, Email, and Online Advertising articles from the last twelve months. Check out 2015's most epic content from around the industry as well a couple of standouts from our own blog. If you'd like to skip directly to a section, feel free to click on the corresponding link below and you'll be shuttled right over to your preferred area.


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Technical Site Audit Checklist: 2015 Edition

Back in 2011, I wrote a technical site audit checklist, and while it was thorough, there have been a lot of additions to what is encompassed in a site audit. I have gone through and updated that old checklist for 2015. Some of the biggest changes were the addition of sections for mobile, international, and site speed.

SEO Checklist For Web Site Redesign

One of the most horrifying experiences a SEO has to worry about is waking up one morning to discover that a client has launched a new web site and the SEO is the last to know about it. This is followed up a few weeks later with the same client upset that their traffic and organic search visibility have tanked but are clueless as to why.

The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors: 2015 Edition

The latest version of Search Engine Land's Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors is now out. This is the third edition since we first launched our search engine optimization framework in 2011. Below, a rundown of what's new and changed, as well as a reintroduction to the table.

SEO Checklist: Never Forget Anything About SEO Ever Again

Some 8 years back, when I was just starting to get serious with this SEO thing, I scoured the Web for an SEO checklist that would help me remember all these new things that I was learning.

The Complete Guide to Blog SEO

I've driven over 10,000,000 organic visits for websites throughout my career. This post is an actionable guide that goes into painstaking detail showing exactly how I optimize those blogs for search engines.

Google Ranking Factors

There's a lot of information floating around these days about what makes a site rank higher in Google's free, organic listings. Through our research, we've found the majority of this advice to be either partially wrong or completely wrong. The advice and products stemming from that information are often dangerous. And finally, the accurate "factors" remaining often aren't factors that Google considers at all, but tactics and indirect correlation.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Tools A to Z That You Can Use Now

In a world of digital marketing that's 24/7 with ubiquitous connectivity from anywhere, anytime, marketers' need for tools is greater than ever. Content Marketing in particular offers a competitive landscape where the effectiveness and efficiency offered by the right mix of tools can make the difference between feast or famine.

Comparing the ROI of Content Marketing and Native Advertising

Many companies today rely on content marketing and native advertising to gain visibility for their brand -- after all, 70% of people say they'd rather learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising.

How To Go Viral: Lessons From The Most Shared Content of 2015

What content were you reading this year? Did it include some of the most shared articles of 2015? Why does certain content get shared so much and go viral?

11 Big Content Marketing Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

These days, content marketing is a lot like the housing market. Sure, it's still possible to get on the ladder and own your own home, but making the transition from renter to proud new homeowner has become a hell of a lot harder than it used to be.

10 Content Marketing Game Changers to Look for in 2016

In 2015, we reached peak content marketing. Even Gartner has content marketing entering the "trough of disillusionment." That means we're going to be suffering from the hangover as things get real.

Social Media

61 Key Social Media Metrics, Defined

Of all the hundreds of social media acronyms and abbreviations out there, I think "KPI" has confounded me the most. I think it's because the phrase "key performance indicator" always sounds like something you need to be wearing a suit in front of a Powerpoint presentation in order to say.

The Bot Bubble

Every morning, Kim Casipong strolls past barbed wire, six dogs, and a watchman in order to get to her job in a pink apartment building decorated with ornate stonework in Lapu-Lapu City. The building towers above the slums surrounding it--houses made of scrap wood with muddy goat pens in place of yards.

The Social Media Glossary: 207 Essential Definitions

A lot can change in a year, especially in the world of social media. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the terms and slang used with the introduction of new technologies and platforms, so we decided it was time to update our Social Media Glossary.

How a Small Hot Dog Shop (Almost) Started the Hot Dog Emoji

A good idea is often the lucky result of a chain of random events and just the right amount of motivation to see it through. And maybe, just maybe, a couple of beers help as well. With the creation of the hot dog emoji movement, all these factors were at play.


10 Brilliant Tips From Conversion Rate Optimization Experts

We've all been there. You have a website, a customer acquisition team, and a really great product -- but people aren't getting on board. Or worse yet, they hop on, check things out, and jump ship.

Why Conversion Rate Isn't The Whole Story

There have been some tremendous advances in understanding the value of digital (and offline) marketing initiatives in recent years. And with everything from tracking pixels to sophisticated analytics and attribution platforms, many marketers have finally begun to use the ocean of available data to guide their marketing dollars.

53 Top Conversion Optimization Tools Reviewed by Experts

Whether you're a conversion optimization agency, consultant, or in-house at a startup or enterprise, investing in the right conversion optimization tool is a big decision.

The Definitive Guide To Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) provides a significant opportunity for businesses of any size. It takes a scientific approach to optimizing websites and enables businesses (and organizations) to convert more visitors into subscribers or customers.


The Essential Guide To Link Building Without Risking Your Rankings

Most link building advice is wrong. And if you follow most advice, you will be putting your entire blog at risk. The truth is that Google is ruthless and most advice is given without the disclaimer that it could potentially get your website de-indexed. You need advice that works.

Can You Rank in Google Without Links? New Data Says Slim Chance

For years now, we've heard the drumbeat from Google that marketers should stop focusing on building links. While it's accepted wisdom that you should avoid manipulative link building to rank higher in search results, the popular narrative would have us believe that external links aren't important in Google's ranking algorithms at all, and that link building can be safely ignored.

Is There Any Relation Between Social Media Shares and Backlinks

Many website owners wonder whether social media shares correlate with backlinks. The answer is a definite "NO." However, there's a sweet spot where some posts will work well in gaining both social media shares and backlinks.

10 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website
"Backlinks," meaning sites that link to your site, are, for most search engines, the supreme ranking factor. So is getting more organic traffic. Because that traffic is directly related to the quality of the backlinks your website has, the more authoritative websites that link to you, the better rankings and traffic you'll get.


7 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Track (and What They Mean)

You just finished writing the perfect email to your subscribers. Way to go! Now, how do you know all that time you spent crafting it was worth it? The answer lies in your email analytics.

Your Email Font Is Ruining Your Life

Well, maybe not your life. But certainly your reputation with people of good taste. Helvetica, the hip font of choice for brands and typeface nerds, is the default font setting for Apple Mail. Gmail defaults to Arial, a font one designer called Helvetica's "ugly bastard son." If the browser doesn't support Arial, Gmail will use Helvetica instead.

Email Is the Best Way to Reach Millennials

With $200 billion in annual buying power by 2017, Millennials have become every brand's coveted customer. But what's the best way to reach them? The answer is email.

Is Email Marketing Dead and Can it Make You Money?

In today's world of overcrowded inboxes and spam filters, many businesses often wonder if email marketing is still worth the investment. Regardless of your industry, the right strategy and content can make the difference between mail being trashed or transformed into a profit.

Online Advertising

What the Cost of a Super Bowl Ad Can Buy Online

This year's Super Bowl will likely attract the largest audience and the most ad revenue in NFL history. NBC sold out all of its Super Bowl ad slots, which cost $4.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime (a record).

The Alleged $7.5 Billion Fraud in Online Advertising

"This is the biggest advertising story of the decade, and it's being buried." So wrote Ad Contrarian Bob Hoffman, the retired CEO and chairman of Hoffman/Lewis Advertising, in June 2013 on a $7.5 billion scandal that has been developing under the digital radar in the advertising world for the past few years.

The Big Agenda: What Lies Ahead for Marketing in an Increasingly Ad-Free Future

Unilever spends $7.7 billion on global advertising, and $15 million protecting that investment. That's how much the consumer packaged goods giant has committed so far to its Foundry program, which has vetted 4,000 marketing-tech startups and done pilots with 80 to date.

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