Media Interviews Agency

The media still loves a good story.

Why Pursue Media Interviews?

  • Nothing is more effective than the mass word-of-mouth validation that comes directly from a reporter, podcaster, blogger, or journalist speaking to their own trusting audience.
  • Digital format interviews are persistent content, improving the searchable reputation of the brand and it's executives.
  • Interviews are a unique media format, existing at the intersection of self-promotion and "sticky" media that people read and share on purpose.
  • Interviews make for fantastic content for repeat references on personal social media and email signatures; frequently shared by an executive's own direct network.
  • No matter how you slice it, half of all SEO is still all about getting links. Digital format interviews lead to lots of high-quality links that grow domain authority.

The Northcutt Process for Media Interviews

First, we help hone your story as a part of your digital strategy. For the purpose of media interviews, that's usually something at the intersection of your value proposition and what genuinely has you excited about what you're doing.

Then, Northcutt publicists book interviews. They come in a variety of formats.

  • Podcast: 100,000s of opportunities in our media relationship CRM. Always free. Very casual.
  • Video: 1,000s of opportunities. Spots are paid, some are free. More formal.
  • Q&As: 100s of monthly opportunities. Bloggers and journalists proactively probe for commentary and cite multiple experts. Require very fast turn-around. We ghostwrite and submit queries on your behalf with a 4-hour editing/approval window.
  • Written Interview: Opportunities are custom/situational and usually very formal. Typically very high requirements in the participant and content quality but similarly high-quality placements. As with Q&As is ghostwriting available.

Finally, we'll guide you through participating. Certain interviewers have higher requirements for your equipment. Others will provide questions in advance or even just allow you to write responses. In either situation, our strategists can work with you to prepare effective communications in your response.

Ready to get started?