500+ (now 1,135+) Ways to Build Backlinks

Corey Northcutt    By under Link Building.

backlink beachPlaying catch-up after my recent vacation (pictured right.. what a terrible time) is going to mean a short and sweet "list based" blog post this week.   I'm going to be showing you ways to build backlinks.  And by that I mean that I'm going to show you how to let other people show you how to build backlinks.



99 Ways to Build Links by Giving Stuff Away (and Improve Your Brand Too)

Mike Essex | Moz

I'm a big fan of using a link building budget to give stuff away.  After all, great link building is relationship building.  It's social networking.  It's channel partner building.  It's whatever label that marketers want to stick on it at a given moment, but fundamentally, it doesn't change.  If you want some truly valuable links, you need to make some friends, and this approach should be well-received.

How to Build Links Fast: 101 Tips & Strategies

Aaron Wall and Andy Hagans | SEOBook

This epic from Aaron Wall and Andy Hagans is a little dated now, but it's a list that I first started out with.  There are lots of creative ideas here that step so far beyond mind-numbingly uncreative SEO services out there that spam some # of blogs and forums based upon your package subscription with them.  Great links take creativity, and this list is full of that.

51 WhiteHat Backlink Building Methods

Carter Bowles | Northcutt

Carter adds 51 more solid ways to build links to the mix.  Split between link baiting and pro-active link building strategies, this nice little list of ideas should be 100% clean and safe (as with everything that we recommend!).

101 Ways to Link Build in 2012

Sujan Patel | Search Engine Jounral

One of the more recent lists here, there are lots of ideas here that are trendy at the moment, including incorporation of G+ and doing 'broken link building'.

100 back link founding techniques!

Search Engine Watch Forums

I can't figure out where this list originated, I only know that it's been repeatedly posted on SEO forums.  Surprisingly, there's a lot of good stuff on it that steps beyond the other lists on a number of points.

100+ ways to get insane amounts of backlinks!

Warrior Forum

I do love the Warrior Forum, and this was a fantastic post. One simple word of warning, however:
be very careful what links you follow on this site. The Warrior Forum has a large following of affiliate link marketers, who in turn attract a lot of black hat stuff. Not fully understanding the potential consequences of an SEO method can be very dangerous. But this list looks reasonably clean.

(~200) Link Building Strategies - The Complete List

Jon Cooper | Point Blank SEO

Jon Cooper (or is he!?) from Point Blank SEO supplied me with perhaps the most exhaustive and detailed list of this bunch.  Great stuff.  Click on the methods in this list to expand out additional details on how to execute each of the methods that you see in this great resource that's actively maintained.

32 White Hat Ways to Build Inbound Links

Corey Northcutt | HubSpot

Admittedly a bit of self-promotion on this post informed by our link building services and published over atHubSpot.  It began as  120+ ways to build links before editing, but that will have to be a post for another day.  They certainly whittled it down to some good ones that may certainly be worth your time to check over.

193 Link Building Strategies

Traian Neacsu | Pitstop Media

Another nice, long list of ideas.  Yet again, a good bit of overlap, but not without some unique and creative contributions, such as finding 404 pages linked to your competitors, comparison shopping engines, and setting up a URL shortening service.

131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies

Julie Joyce | Search Engine Watch

Another (more recent) post from Search Engine Watch's Julie Joyce outlines an updated list with lots of safe methods.  Some of these came off as a bit of a stretch to me (like " Vary your guest post bio"), but so is calling this a list of 1000+ ways to build links, and I did catch a few unique ones here (especially in the B2B section).  So we'll count it.