Link Building Tactics You Might Not Have Thought Of

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Link Building Tactics You Might Not Have Thought OfLink building tactics have evolved over time from the mass-production of link farms to content marketing associated with outreach practices. A lot of the practice behind link building has come to rely heavily on relationships and, as mentioned before, it's become an ethical practice that gives all users a little of what they want or needs, whether it be content, exposure or links. There are, however, one very basic link building strategies that are often overlooked because we're all very concentrating on getting high PR sites to notice us or fall in love with our content.

Internal Link Building

While everyone's busy fraternizing further afield to build links, there's a lot of groundwork that needs to be done at home - on your own site. Building internal links is not only a formative part of your SEO strategy, but it also holds numerous benefits:

  • Making your site easier to crawl and index
  • Increasing your page rank
  • Improving readership and user experience

You also have full control of the anchor text you want to use and where each link should direct. Perhaps you can have another look at your site pages and see where you can improve your internal link building tactics?

Researching Your Competitor's Link Profiles

A little bit of investigative work is always interesting, especially when it comes to digging into your competitor's link profiles. It's not illegal, it's certainly not frowned upon and it's made incredibly easy with the help of Open Site Explorer. Punch in your competitor sites and pull a CSV file of their link profiles into one place. You might find that a lot of the links come from sites that are also completely open to linking to you since you're in the same niche. Sort the links by category - directories, blogs, news platforms, etc -- and start getting in touch.

Link Out And Wait For The Boomerang Effect

As a part of the ethical side to link building that I was discussing earlier, get out there and promote people, sites, and businesses that you feel are valuable and worth your time. Link out to them, and nine times out of ten you'll find them returning the favor.


Artists, designers, writers are submitting content to various places all the time, perhaps without realizing the value that could be gained by simply adding a link. There are a number of different places to submit. Even if the links generated are nofollow links, there is still value in the traffic that it can bring to your site. More traffic = an improvement in your ranking in the eyes of search engines, which = the same result we're looking for with links. Submit to sites such as:

  • Article submission sites such as Ezine
  • Press release portals such as prweb and
  • Directories for almost anything under the sun, such as logos, infographics, designs, ebooks... the list goes on
  • Company directory sites such as Hot Frog
  • Video submission sites such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Any and all social media networks
  • Blog directories such as

While seemingly simple, it's surprising how often easy to action link building tactics are often overlooked. What are your thoughts? Are these collectively a "no brainer"?

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