3 Easy Link Bait Strategies that Get Results

Katherine Stott    By under Link Building.

Link Building Match Up Techniques

Link Bait: The act of attracting large amounts of inbound links, naturally.

There are a number of different link baiting techniques out there, and while each SEO or link building expert has his or her own personal favorites, there are definitely those that suit certain environments or situations. In saying that, there are also some that work in perfect unison with others. Call it a symbiotic relationship, if you will, but there's a great measure of excellence in bringing two or more link building techniques together to generate greater results.

Some of the most popular link building strategies are listed as such because they either work really well or they take less time to execute than others. It can be a lengthy process, so it's not always the best techniques that make the cut. A little while back, we took you through some of the easiest ways to make backlinks work for you by listing 700 Ways to Build Backlinks. Today, I'm going to pinpoint just a few in the link baiting niche to showcase how beautifully a few of these methods can work in association with one another.

1.) Egobait + Humor

Celebrities, especially experts in the digital realm, are the perfect launch pad for your link building campaign. For celebrities, nothing is more gratifying than the PR gained by spreading their names around the Internet. Add in a humorous anecdote about said celebrity (obviously something they're okay with) and you've got a recipe for spontaneous combustion in terms of link popularity.

2.) Infographics + Data + Holidays

The simple appeal of condensing hoards of detailed information into one beautifully presented infographic has become a phenomenon that all businesses are tuning into. What better way to display valuable statistics or data that would normally appear incredibly boring on a spreadsheet or web page? This has proven particularly effective when the holidays roll around and there are interesting statistics to display regarding spending habits, traffic on the roads, density of shoppers in malls etc. It's guaranteed to be clicked, guaranteed to be shared and provides a great platform for backlinking.

3.) News + Humor

A humorous take on the latest news reports not only provides comic relief on potentially serious matters, but it's a great way to showcase your creativity and propel yourself into link building utopia. If it's intriguing, funny and relevant to current events, you'll find the link love can do nothing else but flow.

Taking into account there are so many variations in link bait techniques, what other match-ups can you think of that could be successful?