Interesting Link Building Strategies for the 21st Century Marketer

Katherine Stott    By under Link Building.

FiveLinkBuildingStrategies-NorthcuttFor many people, link building is as close to a clinical and scientific process as you can get with online marketing, but when placed in the right hands it can become an art. There are a number of exceptionally brilliant minds out there who have taken the art of link building to another level, Jon Cooper is the first one who comes to mind, with Michael King close behind. I look up to these guys with admiration as link building celebs because they always manage to think of those incredibly simple ideas that seem so obvious that you or I can't see them until they're pointed out to us.

Using their manner of thinking, it's clear that there's no limit to link building and the ways in which we can attract links using organic means. Razvan Gavrilas featured a great article recently on Search Engine Journal that verifies this truth. Although the methods he discussed are nothing new, his angle shows fresh perspective on an ever-popular topic.

Here's a summary of what he had to say.

Ego Bait

Even though it's not a strategy that every marketer would be comfortable using, as it requires a specific delicacy when dealing with other people, it can be an effective strategy all the same. I've actually talked about using celebrity status to boost our content before because it has promise.

Some of the bonuses to working with big names are:

  • It will get you noticed by association. It can be difficult to get noticed and even harder to network in certain industries but this strategy allows you to grab the attention of influencers, which in turn will help you create relationships with leaders in your industry
  • Your content goes further using the audience of your celebrity or big name. Creating a wider reach for your content can only enhance the chances of you being found, adored, bookmarked, and shared. This could also have a snowball effect on blog posts and articles you publish in future

The Infographics Strategy

It's been a while since I even uttered the word, but infographics still exist, they still attract links and they're still awesome, as far as I'm concerned. All you need is data or exceptionally interesting information, some great design and you've got a piece of content that has the potential to be shared far across the world wide web. Even if you're not the owner of said data, you can still add value to it and offer something relevant to your viewers. Using old and dated infographics as your inspiration is a fabulous idea. Do a search for highly shared, quality old infographics tailored to your niche and recreate them with better design and more current information.

Contacting the sites that formerly linked to the older version of the infographic and inform them of the improved content is the right thing to do. This will also give them the opportunity to request a link to the updated content as well as potentially share your updated version.

Outdated Content

There is so much content out there that is still very powerful, extremely relevant and could be of great value to people, if only we knew where to look for it. If you want to do a little legwork, track down, and identify relevant pages to your niche that are inactive, deleted, or outdated. Freshen up the content, add it to your site and contact the original content owner to request that they redirect their page to your updated, current content. Easy peasy.

Answer Questions Online

Your customers spend time online and they more than likely spend a lot of time associating with other potential customers. A lot of them have issues relating to services or products that you might have expertise in. If you can find where they are online, intercept some of their conversations - politely and professionally - and answer their questions or offer them solutions; you could become their new best friend. Adding some relevant links that provide solutions to their problems will not only help your link building efforts but improve your brand recognition and reputation.

Competitors' Evergreen Content

I recently wrote a post on evergreen content and how it will always be of value to your users. One way to look at creating evergreen content is to look at what has worked for your competition, and do it better! There are no rules that say you can't improve on what's out there, and if it's going to be of great value to web users, then you're doing it for a good cause! Do a search for content that relates to your niche, identify concepts that are successful, and then make them more awesome!

As I said, they've all been done before but they're worth trying again!