Integrating Your Social, SEO, Content And Link Campaigns

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IntegratingSEOSocialLinkBuildingContent-NorthcuttSocial media, search engine optimization, content marketing, link building; what should you be focusing on in order to boost your web marketing tactics to their maximum benefit? The truth is that you don't need to focus on one tactic alone; you can use them all in a beautiful balance provided you put the correct methods of planning in place. By finding places for the components of your marketing plan to co-exist synergistically, you can benefit from each one individually, as well as from the strategy as a whole.

Individual Benefits Speak Volumes

You can't deny the value in each individual tactic:

  1. Search engine optimization - you're going to receive results if you're optimizing your website effectively and keeping tabs on your keyword and rank performance
  2. Social media - if you're a business that is digitally savvy, you'll have a social media presence that speaks to your business and your niche
  3. Content marketing - with advances in Google algorithms, if you're not talking content, you're not talking loud enough on the web
  4. Link building - the value is still there, it's just the manner in which it's carried out that's been modified

Each area has it's own focus, game plan and benefits, but what if each benefit fed into the needs of the other tactics?

Start With A Watertight Plan

In order to ensure that each tactic feeds off the other, you need to effectively highlight your over-arching goals that speak to more finely tuned goals within each area of focus. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What is your business focus?
  2. What are you trying to gain from your digital properties?

This will help you narrow down your goals for each area.

SEO - Apply Your Keyword Research Across The Board

What keywords are you optimizing for this month? Learn from your SEO research data by paying attention to the keywords that are converting and those receiving the most traffic. You can use this information to determine what content you should be adding to your social channels as well as what you should be optimizing in your link building plans and content marketing strategy. While not a failsafe plan, it allows you to consolidate your monthly efforts based on a single key indicator.

Social and Content - Learn From Your Reports

Use insights from each area to help you learn about what your users want. Use SEO insights and analytics to determine what content your users are mostly interested in - this can speak to the content you create for your content marketing tactics as well as what content you share on your social media channels. Likewise, what people find most interesting on your social media channels can also determine what you should be optimizing for in your link building campaigns, content marketing and on-page optimization efforts.

Link Building = Relationship Management

With Panda and Penguin updates, the need for ethical link building tactics is more prevalent than ever, to the point where obtaining authoritative links has become more about having solid contacts and building secure relationships. Tools like Buzzstream's link building tool make this process a lot easier, but it can also be done by simply sitting down and making contact. Tapping the web for potential outreach sources is a tedious process, but it's one that develops relationships in the interim. Having an extensive database of contacts that you can always rely on to provide friendly, secure and clean links is equivalent to having a continuous supply of rank enhancers that you can call on every month. This can also benefit other areas for general PR and can never be anything but of great value to your business.

Develop Content Calendars

Using all of the above information and resources, you'll be able to create an involved content calendar that uses SEO insight to inform content ideas for social channels, content marketing strategies and link building. Set up a plan for a month at a time that speaks to a single idea that is translated across the board. Not only will it help create a uniformed focus for your team, but it will also allow your users to resonate with a solid plan that's being executed on all your digital channels.

Use your analytical data to identify where it has worked and benefitted the company, and where there are areas that could be improved upon. This insight is gold and if used properly, will teach you everything you need to know about your target market. Use it wisely and with an open-mind to always integrating it with all your online entities.

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