10 Best Link Building Infographics

Corey Northcutt    By under Link Building.

We all love infographics.  They come in lots of shapes and colors, simplify the complex, and tend to result in piles of killer backlinks for their publishers.  Case in point, they've motivated me to link to a variety of competitors due to their fine work with this very blog post. This week, I'd like to share with you 10 of my favorite link building infographics, each of which convey similar SEO concepts in hugely different ways. Enjoy!



9.) Monopoly Board by linkbuilding.nl (now known as, M4M)

Proving that infographics don't need to be made up of charts, graphs, and flowcharts, this great infographic by Dutch SEO company linkbuilding.nl (now known as, M4M) uses an image of the popular board game, Monopoly, to make it's points.

Link building monopoly

8.) Freakonomics of Link Building by Pear Analytics

So simple and well, ugly, yet conveys a great message clearly and cleverly. I can't help but include a link to Pear Analytics on this list for it!

link building graph

7.) Understanding PageRank by Zippy Cart

How do you make an infographic about something that is completely intangible while using no mathematical data? Zippy Cart pulled it off.

pagerank infographic

6.) How We Shared Content in 2010 by ReadWrite

This design is simple at to the point. While not as comprehensive in the area of link building as some of these other designs, it gives some great data on social signals that the others in this list do not.

how we share content

5.) 10 Commandments of Link Building by Klikki

An impressive display of simple link building advice that begs to be linked. Nice job!

10 commandments of link building

4.) SEO in Pictures via Data Dial

This great design from Data Dial is about more than just link building, but we thought it was worth including all the same. It summarizes a variety of SEO concepts in a nice vertical layout. Well done guys!

seo in pictures

3.)Four Faces of Link Building from Shelli Walsh

Any fan of Shelli's already knows how creative her take is on content and online marketing, and this simple (yet brilliant) piece is no exception. Here, Shelli looks at common personalities that we see in link building and the strategic tendencies. This puts her analysis at ends with most everything else you see in this post and abroad, which tend to focus far more on flat tactics, that only get one so far.

ShellShock UK link building

2.) How to Build Links by HUA Marketing

This gorgeous infographic tops our list, most due to it's creative use of a web of links.

hua link building infographic

1.) Building Authority by Vertical Measures

This gorgeous design tops the list. Not only is it easy on the eye, but it gives perhaps the most comprehensive breakdown on the complex process in which a web site becomes an authority as interpreted by the search engines.

Infographic: The Authority Building Machine