51 Whitehat Backlink Building Methods

Cara Bowles    By under Link Building.

51 Whitehat Backlink Building Methods 1This list is for serious link builders, no fooling around. Other than that, you know what this list is for, so let's get started:

  1. Hire a group of established bloggers who struggle with monetization to blog regularly on your site, and submit your site to Google News. Encourage them to announce the move on their blogs.
  2. Send out a press release.
  3. Interview experts in your industry or subject and ask if they would link to the interview, or vice versa.
  4. Giveaway a free eBook on Amazon. Put your site on the cover and the pages. Alternatively, giveaway a free eBook in exchange for a link.
  5. Ask webmasters who have a list of resources to offer feedback on your content, and if they would be interested in adding you to their list.
  6. Create a list of the top ten or more personalities or brands in your industry and let them know they made the list.
  7. Hire a micro-celebrity to write a post for your blog.
  8. Commission a micro-celebrity to create a video for you.
  9. Hire a well known graphic artist to produce an infographic for you.
  10. Pay a popular photographer to take pictures for you.
  11. Commission a well known artist to create an image for you.
  12. Hire designers who promote their work with others on their site.
  13. Regularly email heavy Twitter users who have a growing audience.
  14. Exchange emails with top bloggers in your industry.
  15. Exchange emails with well known authors in your industry.
  16. Build relationships in comments and on forums in your industry.
  17. Send traffic to authoritative blogs that will notice you.
  18. Pick a fight with an influencer. Know your stuff first.
  19. Break an insider story.
  20. Share an actionable industry secret.
  21. Use proprietary data in your blog posts.
  22. Use blog posts to answer questions with no good answers available.
  23. Share information from sources that are paid or difficult to sift through.
  24. Email bloggers with surprising information that they would be interested in.
  25. Promote your site on Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and Pinterest.
  26. Include an embed code to make it easy to link back to your site.
  27. Create a tool that people can't resist using.
  28. Hire a private investigator to find information outside of most people's grasp.
  29. Contact sources most people would be afraid to contact.
  30. Giveaway a product to a blogger or influencer.
  31. Hold a contest that naturally involves linking.
  32. Host an event in your industry.
  33. Write articles for newspapers and magazines.
  34. Contact sites that mention your brand or URL but don't link to you.
  35. Get listed in the Yellow Pages, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, and other business directories (NOT link directories).
  36. Get ideas from your competitor's backlink profile.
  37. Exchange links with your (legitimate) business partners and clients (do NOT keyword optimize).
  38. Interlink your existing (legitimate) websites, social profiles, and web 2.0 properties (and DO NOT KEYWORD OPTIMIZE).
  39. If your business could legitimately be considered "cannon," make sure it has a Wikipedia entry.
  40. Get listed in specialty search engines.
  41. Get nofollowed affiliate links on sites with high traffic.
  42. Get certified by organizations and associations relevant to your industry.
  43. Sell some of your items on eBay and link to relevant pages like product images, warranties, and technical specifications. Be sure to abide by their links policy and third party policy.
  44. Link to your site in all your emails. Occasionally links are copied or scraped and posted on the web, especially RSS feeds.
  45. Provide free services to online influencers as part of a promotional strategy.
  46. Work with charities and non-profit organizations.
  47. Contact product review websites.
  48. Produce a WordPress widget with a bare URL or company name link to your site.
  49. Get links from your friend's websites, and make friends with people who have websites.
  50. Offer scholarships to bloggers who write an article for a contest revolving around your brand.
  51. Rank a creative commons image that will be shared by people in your industry.

Have any ideas to add? Which of these has worked best for you?

Image credit: J E Theriot