Roundup: April 2020's Best Digital Tactics

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It's time for April 2020's roundup! Each month, we search out the best and most relevant inbound marketing content on the internet. Feel free to head directly to a specific section by clicking on the appropriate link below or scroll through to enjoy the entire roundup at your leisure.

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It's Now Free to Sell on Google

With physical stores shuttered, digital commerce has become a lifeline for retailers. Now you can sell on Google for free!

How to Improve Page Speed From Start to Finish

Ahrefs drops some knowledge on tools to use and best practices for testing page speed.

Opting Out of Google Featured Snippets Led to 12% Traffic Loss

Moz devises an A/B split test experiment to remove Moz Blog posts from Google featured snippets, and measure the impact on traffic.

How to optimize your Ecommerce for Google Images and Visual Search

This article presents why and how to optimize your images for obtaining the most from both the Google Images Search vertical and Images Box in Universal Search, Rich Results with images, and other Google SERPs' features.

How People Read Online: New and Old Findings

People scan articles instead of reading them completely. That hasn't changed in 23 years, and it has implications for how we create digital content.

The Keyword Research Master Guide

Ultimately, keyword research helps you understand exactly what content to create to best help your business goals and target relevant traffic.

GitHub is Free for Teams

All of the core GitHub features are now free for everyone. Hooray!

How to Survive Covid-19 in Search

Advanced Web Ranking builds an economic context to help us understand these trends and how to use marketing to help people through the pandemic.

Why Google Search Console & Google Analytics Data Never Matches

While it is a question of precision, it's not a question of accuracy. That data disparity is actually by design.

How to Succeed in Google Discover

With infinite access to information, Google is trying to filter and highlight content for the drifting Internet user. Here's how you can make it work for you.

10 Effective Ways To Find Profitable Keywords To Rank Higher in SERPs

Keyword research continues to be an important part of SEO. This article presents actionable strategies to rank higher in SERPs.

7 Fastest Ways To Get 1000+ People to Your New Blog

Have you just started a blog and are looking to build traffic FAST? Tanya Mimi has a great guide for those looking to kickstart their new blog.

Content Marketing 

The Case for Continuing to Create Content During a Crisis Like COVID-19

Creating content during a crisis can feel... insensitive. Foolish. Wasteful. So how do we continue to tell our story?

What Readers Want During COVID-19

Do you want to write about something topical but you don't know how to contribute? These trending keywords might help you figure it out.

5 B2B Content Marketing Examples You Can Copy

Here are five B2B content marketing examples from companies that understand their audiences well.

Content and Coronavirus: How You Can Differentiate From the Masses

Here's how to think about content, SEO, and your customers during the crisis -- and prepare for the future.

The Why, When, and How of Republishing Blog Posts

"Maybe the topic or headline didn't line up with your information needs the moment the email landed. Maybe you never saw the article at all. It's easy to miss even great articles when so much comes at you from so many sources."

What Is Content Marketing & Why It Matters

How do you earn the interest of an audience who could just as easily ignore your advertising? By giving them what they want!

When You Should (and Shouldn't) Create Long-Form Content

Not every topic or idea should be thousands of words. Making something thorough for thorough's sake can make a piece feel fluffy. Here's how you can determine the difference.

Social Media

How to Guide Your Employees to Post More on Social Media

Want your employees to share more about your business on social media? Develop some guidelines to help them along.

Organic Social: Content Marketing Ideas From a Pro

Wondering if publishing organic social is worth your time? Looking for tips to improve your organic social content? Check this out!

How 5 Brands Use WhatsApp For Marketing

Despite WhatsApp's global opportunities, the platform still presents a few challenges for brands.

Social Media & Covid-19: How to Communicate During a Crisis

But just because people are spending more time on social media doesn't mean it's business-as-usual. So how should you be using social media for business in the age of Covid-19?

6 Effective Methods to Run Native Advertising Campaigns (on Social Media)

Do you know how to make your promotional content blend in? Discover native advertising, a growing and increasingly powerful advertising technique.

How to Test Facebook Ads With Facebook Experiments
Looking for better ways to improve your Facebook ad performance? Have you given Facebook's Experiments a try?

5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business
Do you want to improve your customer interactions on Messenger? Check out these tips!


7 Brands Getting Email Right During a Crisis

It seems like every company under the sun is creating email content about measures they've taken to protect the safety and well-being of their customers, employees, and communities. Is that something you need to do?

3 Tricks for Getting More Email Clicks

If your metrics aren't making you happy, it's in your power to improve them.

6 Ways To Cash In On A Small Email List

Even if your list is small, there is still money to be made. Here are a few tips.

Shopify's Email Marketing Tool "Shopify Email" Launches Globally

Shopify Email is designed for commerce and allows merchants to send branded emails directly from the Shopify Marketing admin. The tool offers ready-made templates that automatically pull logos, products, images, descriptions, prices, and more from Shopify merchant stores.

Five Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing (Infographic!)

The data shows that even with the myriad ways to communicate with customers today, email is still going strong.

What Makes a Best-in-Class Email Marketer? These Six Things.

What does good look like when you are an email marketer, and how do you go from good to great if you feel like your marketing program has plateaued?

5 Tips To Write An Email Customers Will Actually Open During A Crisis

More than half of Americans check their personal email more than 10 times a day. But how can brands craft an email that customers will actually open and read?

8 Ways to Boost Cold Email Response Rate

8 out of every 10 prospects would like to interact with a sales representative via email. This article explains strategies to help increase open and reply rates to cold emails.

How to Keep in Touch with Customers During The COVID-19 Crisis

Communication with customers is just as important as ever, even if your business is considered non-essential. Here's how to keep that relationship strong as we all move through our current reality.

Ecommerce Funnels: An Effective Way to Boost Store Performance

It's important to know buyer intent and when it's the right time to sell your product. Cloudways put together a post explaining the importance of ecommerce funnels and how do properly execute them.

Bonus: Virtual Events

Implementation Guide for Online Events

Did your in-person marketing conference get canceled this year? This is a guide on how to make the virtual summit event experience as seamless and productive as possible for attendees.