Creating A Product And Experience To Remember

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Product And Experience To Remember - NorthcuttYour product is only part of what you're selling to your users. The other parts belong to the overall user experience and the service included in before, during and after purchase. For the purposes of this article, we are encompassing the last three items into one "experience". The product and experience need to work together to create sales, but the quantities of each vary according to which needs extra amplification. An average product can use additional experience related promotion to boost sales, whereas a product that sells itself won't need to rely as much on the promotion factor.

Product And Experience In Detail

By separating and defining the "product" and "experience" part of your offering, you'll find it a lot easier to make improvements where necessary. Say for example you offer content writing services; these services would be your product. Your experience would be a number of different aspects that enhance the overall service offering.

  • The actual reading experience of each piece of writing
  • The quality of the writing - is it grammatically correct, are there spelling mistakes?
  • How does the writing affect leads or sales and what reports can define this?
  • How does the writing entice users to read more, share more or explore more?
  • The way that you interact with your customers forms a part of this experience
  • As does the representation and consistency of your brand
  • Are you in touch with your customers? Are you always on hand when they need you? This is another aspect that influences your product experience

When trying to give your product sales a boost, there isn't necessarily a need to enhance the product itself if you work on improving the actual experience. As we can see here, there are a number of different variables that contribute to the experience and each one can be fine-tuned to the point where they support the product, or even put it at an advantage simply by enhancing the experience.

The Best Combination Of Superior Product And Experience

Sometimes both product and experience work together to form a symbiotic blend of exceptional product, with incredible experience that needs no further introduction, fussing, or sales pitch. Apple products fit that bill in my opinion; once you've used Apple, you hardly ever go back, and if you do, it's not for the lack of a positive experience but rather for something unrelated, such as the need for certain non-compliant software. It's not often that complaints are heard, because bug fixes are acted upon almost overnight, after-sales support is dealt with professionally and with speed, but the main effect of optimal experience comes in the form of the user experience of each product; the fine line between product and experience. That seamless, clean, user-friendly functionality sells itself so well that even a six-month-old baby can figure out how to use it - trust me, I've tried.

Try and find this balance in your own products to create a "full picture" - perhaps lean a little more towards experience if you feel that the product could be lacking. In doing so, you could be noticing an influx of orders, but also exposure through social media and word of mouth. A positive experience and the related product will be talked about far and wide, especially if you offer the platform for it on the web.