March 2015: Best SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

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SIMPSONS STARTSince our last roundup, Google announced that the mobile search algorithm is going to have a major update on April 21st. If you've been paying attention, this should also come as no surprise. But if you didn't know this was coming, being the benevolent rounders up of content that we are, we have included some relevant articles below to help make sure your site is in order. As we get further into 2015, it is also becoming clear that content is now judged on its own merits. Are you creating content that adds value and stands up to fact checking? To find out what else you missed from March and the beginning of April, check out the rest of the roundup. If you're looking for the same great content the rest of the month, join us on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook. Enjoy!


What is SEO and What it is Not. A Rant

Despite of my "Snap your face" memes, I am a quiet and understanding person, and when I enter into a dialectic about/against something related to our industry (like the Google's "factors' lists or outing black hat SEO), I always try to do it offering good reasons in defense of my point of view.

7 Bold Statements About The 10 Year Forecast For SEO

It is not uncommon that many digital marketing professionals write about their SEO predictions in the beginning of the year. Some play it safe and state the obvious trends that will most likely become reality, while some make bolder claims at the risk of those events not materializing.

The Future of Mobile Is Search, Not Just "SEO"

A few weeks ago, one of our junior team asked me to host a training session to explain Schema markup. Specifically, what Schema is, and why we implement it. It was an extremely on-point question, and one that I enjoyed answering.

9 Things You Need to Know About Google's Mobile-Friendly Update

Rumors are flying about Google's upcoming mobile-friendly update, and bits of reliable information have come from several sources. My colleague Emily Grossman and I wanted to cut through the noise and bring online marketers a clearer picture of what's in store later this month.

WordPress SEO 2.0: Focus on What Matters

We're proud to announce the availability of WordPress SEO 2.0. This release adds new features for Google's Knowledge Graph and improves the design, layout & usability of the WordPress SEO plugins admin screens in many ways.

How Do You Google? New Eye Tracking Study Reveals Huge Changes

Google used to be criticized for providing little more than "10 blue links" in its search results that sent searchers to other sites. More recently, it's getting lots of flack from companies and antitrust officials in Europe for the opposite-providing direct answers that make it less likely searchers will click through to the sources from which it drew the information.

Tracking the Evolution of Google Panda Updates - From Monthly to Tremors to Missing in Action

At a recent industry event, Google's Gary Illyes dropped a bombshell on the audience (and the SEO world). He explained that Panda was now real-time. And if that was the case, it would mean that if you've been impacted by Panda, then making the right changes would immediately be reflected in the search results (once Google recrawled and reprocessed your URLs).

Content Marketing

What We Found When We Analyzed The Top 1,000 Posts On LinkedIn

Distributing compelling long-form content on LinkedIn can be a powerful way to build your company's brand, showcase products, demonstrate thought leadership, and boost your own career.

How Well Do You Fact-Check Your Content?

Maintaining a constant flow of highly engaging copy leads many content marketers' to-do lists. Supervising brand journalists or content creators probably is close behind. How can you accomplish everything and ensure your brand is publishing accurate content?

Content Marketing Success Means Adopting the Publisher Mindset

It's no secret that content marketing has undergone a lot of changes and best practices have shifted over the last year, so it doesn't come as a surprise to most that publishing ideas are brought into the mix.

It's Time to Create Content That Customers Actually Want

If you're like me, you have goals in writing marketing content -- like sharing expertise and maybe even helping other marketers succeed. But you'll also have more business-oriented goals, like raising your credibility in the field and attracting new opportunities.

New Research: How and When to Publish Content in Order to Score Big on Social Media

So much of digital marketing these days is about producing high-quality content that gets published and shared. You can control the publishing part. Can you control the sharing part?

Social Media Marketing

7 Steps in Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media was often seen as the wild child of the marketing department--the place where interns started their careers and brands could say random things with little to no repercussions. But times have changed, and the industry has matured.

Network Archaeologists Discover Two Types of Social Network Growth in Historical Facebook Data

Young social networks grow in an entirely different way to mature networks, say computer scientists who have analyzed the way Facebook grew in the heady days after it launched in 2004.

How Much Does Customer Social Media Angst Really Matter?

Motrin Moms. Dell "hell." "United Breaks Guitars." These case studies are legendary among marketers. They each show how consumer feedback delivered through social media slayed a popular brand.

How to Optimize Social Media Images

Do you create your own images for social media? Are you happy with their performance? With a few simple tweaks, you can optimize images for greater visibility on social media and in search engine results.

There Is No More Social Media -- Just Advertising

Fifteen years ago, the provocative musings of Levine, Locke, Searls and Weinberger set the stage for a grand era of social media marketing with the publication of "The Cluetrain Manifesto" and their vigorous declaration of "the end of business as usual."

This month we'll leave you with an amazing Simpsons couch gag. The LEGO version.