June's Best Content Marketing, SEO, and Social Media

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June was pretty awesome. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years, cementing their place as a modern sports dynasty. Oh yeah, the Warriors won the NBA championship and some SEO stuff happened as well. But, Blackhawks!!! Disappointingly, the roundup is largely devoid of Blackhawks content, but we still did gather up the best social media, content marketing, and SEO articles from June. Check them out below. If you're looking for the same great content the rest of the month, join us on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook. Enjoy!


How Much Has Link Building Changed in Recent Years?

I get asked this question a lot. It's mainly asked by people who are considering buying my link building book and want to know whether it's still up to date. This is understandable given that the first edition was published in February 2013 and our industry has a deserved reputation for always changing.

My Top 40 Favorite SEO Audit Tools & Resources List

300 site audits. That's a rough estimate of the total number of SEO audits I have performed over the past few years.  Comprising more than one billion indexed pages. This list is designed as a reference to anyone wanting to improve their audit process.

The Evolution Of SEO Trends Over 25 Years

In the beginning, there was light. Chances are, as the first signs of SEO emerged alongside the dawn of the Internet, few would have predicted the vast impact it would have on daily life such a short time later.

Deep Learning And The Future Of Search Engine Optimization

The concept of deep learning or deep structured learning has been a frequent topic of conversation in recent months because of the commitment and advancements of some of the world's largest and most prolific search companies.

Google Search Poisoning - Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

These days, every company knows that having its website appear at the top of Google's results for relevant keyword searches makes a big difference in traffic and helps the business. Numerous search engine optimization (SEO) techniques have existed for years and provided marketers with ways to climb up the PageRank ladder.

How a Few Small Landing Page Tweaks Created Fve Times the Conversions

I love conversion rate optimisation. There, I said it. As a traditionally trained designer, coupled with a slight maths geek bent, the work of how to greatly increase responses due to minor changes in copy and layout really appeals to me. I'd go so far as saying it's exciting.

How Do You Google? New Eye Tracking Study Reveals Huge Changes

Google used to be criticized for providing little more than "10 blue links" in its search results that sent searchers to other sites. More recently, it's getting lots of flack from companies and antitrust officials in Europe for the opposite-providing direct answers that make it less likely searchers will click through to the sources from which it drew the information.

Content Marketing

Dealing With Redundant, Out-Of-Date and Trivial (ROT) Content

Publishing content to the web is expensive. I know what you're thinking: no, it's not; it costs nothing, especially when compared to print. And you would be right, from a certain point of view. The problem is that publishing is cheap. This seduces you, encouraging you to put more and more content online.

Comparing the ROI of Content Marketing and Native Advertising

As the efficacy of outbound marketing continues to wane, more marketers are evaluating inbound tactics as a way to achieve success. So, how does Content Marketing stack up against the rest?

Google's 'Quality Update': What Content Marketers Need to Know

While the much-ballyhooed "Mobilegeddon" update had content marketers running wild in the streets, Google's latest update has a much more sinister flavor. It happened so quietly that it's been dubbed the "Phantom Update."

The Science Behind Viral Content

For digital marketers and online content providers, creating viral content is the ultimate win. When a single piece of content gets 100,000 views, that's 100,000 potential converts for your brand. Sounds impossible? Other people do it, and you can too - the key is to understand the science behind making content go viral.

Engagement With Brand Content Soared 52% Last Quarter

People engaged with U.S. brand content 52% more often in the first quarter of this year than they did a year ago, and their engagement is growing faster even than the rate at which brands are pumping content out, according to data on 100,000 brands from social-analytics firm Shareablee.

Social Media Marketing

How to Turn Your Social Media Marketing From Cost Center to Profit Center

How do you demonstrate social media ROI to your key stakeholders? In 2015, over $24 billion will be spent on social media advertising. Now, more than ever, brands are creating digital content and campaigns for their online communities.

Which Social Network Should You Advertise On?

Social media advertising is a great tactic to use to supplement your other inbound marketing efforts. That said, each comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, and acknowledging these can help you put out the most suitable, engaging content possible.

Why Social Media Insights Are A Gold Mine For Inbound Marketers

Inbound marketing isn't new anymore. Brands of all sizes in any number of industries use it to generate qualified website traffic, leads and conversions. They're writing articles, creating videos and sharing all kinds of content across the Web.

Social Media Influence Marketing: CEO Involvement

In recent years, senior executives and business leaders are more involved  in the social transformation of organizations. The latest surveys show that senior managers and CEO are overcoming their fears of social networks. Companies are now integrating social media into their marketing strategies.

Of Llamas and Dresses: The Twitter Conundrum

If Twitter was ever going to go under, users of the social network would almost certainly beat the company in breaking the news. This irony is representative of the struggles Twitter faces as it tries to define (or redefine) itself.

In honor of the Blackhawks winning yet another Stanley Cup Championship, we'll leave you with the moment it all happened.