February 2015's Best SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

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BOOK HEARTAfter a slow start to the year, Google has started making some moves in 2015. Recently, there was the announcement that tweets would be indexed in real time, as well as the news that Google wants to start ranking pages based on "truthfulness." We've said it before and we'll say it again, the true skill of any good SEO is the ability to adapt in a sea of never-ending change. And as content marketing and social media continue to be a very important component of SEO success, we've included a number of posts that will help your gain real value from your efforts in these area. Check out the best of what you missed from February and so far in March when you have a moment, and if you're looking for the same great content he rest of the month, join us on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook. Enjoy!


In 2015, Your Job As An SEO Should Be Just SEO

I will admit that I don't know Erin Everhart extremely well. I sat beside her once at #EpicDinner and she seemed then super duper cool. She probably is still really cool, but unfortunately shes written a piece at SEL that has me a bit unnerved.

Google Wants to Rank Websites Based on Facts not Links

THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free "news" stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix - rank websites according to their truthfulness.

Understanding & Explaining A Realistic SEO Timeline

How long should it take to see SEO results? Columnist Stephan Spencer says there's no simple answer to this question, but explains some of the factors which may impact an SEO timeline.

10 SEO Myths that Friggin' Tick Me Off

I love SEO. I love talking about SEO. Most non-SEO folk you talk to are generally very nice people. They may not understand everything you say, but they often nod their head and smile. The open-minded may even ask you to look at their site.

What the Twitter-Google Partnership Means for Brands

Recently, Google and Twitter confirmed their plans to once again integrate tweets in Google search pages as real-time results. This is a great win-win for both parties. Google gets a great new feature -- real-time content -- while Twitter will most likely receive a massive uptick in activity and traffic.

7 Lessons Learned From 7 Years in SEO

For the last seven years, I have been involved in Search Engine Optimisation. In 2008, I started learning about and Implementing SEO and later set up SEO JO Blogs, my site. It will turn six years old this month.

6 of the Biggest Website Fails From 100+ SEO Audits

Want to discover something about your website that will absolutely shock you? All you have to do is conduct an SEO audit on your website.

Content Marketing

5 Storytelling Best Practices to Make Your Content More Compelling

If you want to separate your content from your competitors, storytelling is a great tactic to add to your content marketing strategy. Several interesting case studies have shown how the implementation of storytelling can triple sales within one year.

29 Awesome Sites for Free Stock Photos

Great images can do a lot for your blog posts. They get attention when people get to your site and they really help your content do well in social media (because of the combination of great headline and great visuals). Stock photos can start to add up though, especially in larger sizes!

12 Classic Content Marketing Problems (and How to Avoid Them)

Chances are some sort of content marketing will be happening in your business. After all, it's a fairly nebulous term that covers digital marketing disciplines where there's no media spend.

Content Marketing Lessons From 10 Years and 41,525,103 Website Visits

A presentation I did at the Agile Marketing Meetup in SF. It's about the lessons I've learned in the past 10 years of doing content marketing.

The Rise of the New Content Economy

A surprising transformation across the media industry has happened in the span of a few years as content has emerged as the central currency linking brands and publishers.

Social Media Marketing

Your Marketing Success May Hinge on Gray Social Media

In the last year, a lot has been written about "dark social media" -- the vast majority of content sharing you'll never see because it's occurring through email, direct messages, texting, and other private communication channels.

A Not-So-Short Breakdown of Short URLs for Social Media

When using social media to share links to web pages or blogs, many people prefer to use URL shorteners. Not only do they make long, ugly, obtrusive links more tidy and clean-looking, but there are also a number of other benefits.

Google+ As We Know It Is Dead, But Google is Still A Social Network

AS A FACEBOOK and Twitter competitor, Google+ never really stood a chance. By some combination of odd design, confusing nomenclature--remember Circles? Sparks?--and the simple fact that no one ever really used it, Google's grand plan to unite its many products into a single social product just didn't pan out.

Is Social Media Actually Helping Your Company's Bottom Line?

When it comes to business, we talk too much about social media and expect too little. It's like the old joke about sales people: one person says, "I made some valuable contacts today," and the other responds, "I didn't get any orders, either."

The Psychology of Social Media Marketing: 4 Ways to Increase Interaction

In my marketing career, I often find myself drawing on my background as a former professor of psychology. Psychology informs much of our work and research here at Hinge as we seek to understand how buyers think, and help sellers improve communication, service offerings, and client relationships.

This month we'll leave you with an amazing Simpsons couch gag. The LEGO version.

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