April 2016 Inbound Marketing Roundup

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April Fools' Day has definitely turned into a marketing holiday of sorts. And as such, every year there are tons of brand missteps. In 2016, Google may have led the way with an April Fools' joke that was just a bit too convincing. All joking aside, there was a ton of great content and important news from around the inbound marketing sphere. Jump right into our roundup or feel free to click on any section to head directly to it. 


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How Google Works

It's very rare that we get to hear from a Google Search Engineer at a Search Industry conference. There are always lots of helpful Google Webmaster Analysts present but since Matt Cutts became a little less visible on the conference circuit we've not had much in the way of a replacement.

The Best SEO Tools: As Voted by 95 Leading Search Experts

What are the best SEO tools? Run a quick search in Google and you'll see a number of posts listing hundreds of different tools covering everything from link analysis to keyword research tools.

What They Don't Tell You About SEO

SEO is tough. I've worked on countless projects where the company has seriously underestimated the resources needed for an SEO campaign. More often than not, they've read a case study online where someone has scaled up their organic search traffic from zero and is now bringing in hundreds of thousands of visitors to their website each month.

A Nutshell Guide to Proper Keyword Research

Keywords aren't the end-all, be-all strategy (so to speak) in creating online content. If there's one thing I've learned writing a myriad of content all over the web, it's that you should think about your reader first and foremost. Otherwise, you won't be creating the content necessary to stand out to your audience.

Does Google AMP Affect SEO?

What would you do if your web pages could load four times faster with six simple steps? You would login to your site and start walking through these steps, of course. That's exactly what I did. On February 23, 2016, Google introduced AMP listings into its mobile search results.

Content Marketing

The Engagement Crisis In Content Marketing And Social Media: Why It's Happening And How To Fix It

Does your brand's Twitter account seem like a ghost town? How about your Facebook and LinkedIn page? If you've noticed a drop in social engagement, web referrals, blog traffic and shares, you're not alone.

How to Create Content That Earns Engagement, Trust, and Loyalty for Your Brand

A couple of years back, I received a call from the CMO of a small but popular and growing startup about taking on the brand as a content strategist. While I was initially lukewarm to the idea, they were adamant about working together, feeling that I "could help them reach their goals."

Keeping it Real with Content Marketing: Why Integrity, Storytelling & Creativity Reign Supreme

Marketing is often seen as a game. A game in which the marketers are the strategists and the customers are the pawns. Unfortunately, that is a game in which nobody wins. Marketers may feel a quick rush due to their success but customers that feel duped or mislead will surely, and quickly spread news of foul marketing practices.

Content Marketing KPIs: An Easy-to-Understand Overview for the Analytically Challenged

Content marketing is an enigma. When it comes to doing it, almost every company on the web is clued-in. But when it comes to measuring it, most are clueless--and the majority is willing to admit it. Let's unravel this sucker.

Social Media

The Worst Thing That Could Happen to Facebook Is Already Happening

Have you by any chance noticed yourself feeling less friendly toward Facebook lately? Perhaps you still open the app a few times a day to check your notifications and scroll through a few posts, comment on a viral video, "like" a story from The New York Times. But when it comes to the personal stuff--your vacation photos, your job announcements, your gripes about the wait at the DMV--you're just not sharing it like you used to.

The Buzzfeed Approach to Social Media Strategy

I initially started writing a post about how BuzzFeed tailors its content to different social networks. What image sizes do they use? What type of content works on one network but not another? What tactics do they employ? But as it turns out, there isn't anything that revolutionary in the way BuzzFeed approaches their content on these social networks.

Yes, Even CEOs Need To Use Social Media--And They Need To Do It Well

These days, it's a rarity to find someone who's not on Facebook--unless that someone happens to be a Fortune 500 CEO. A new analysis from CEO.com shows that the heads of the planet's most powerful companies still view social media as a distraction, if not an outright liability.

Facebook Versus Twitter is the Batman Versus Superman of Social Media

Compared to Facebook, Twitter's generally a poor driver of direct traffic. Although the results will differ from site to site, in many cases, Facebook shares and traffic will heavily outweigh traffic that originates from Twitter.

The Bulk Of Twitter Referral Traffic May Be Hidden

Compared to Facebook, Twitter's generally a poor driver of direct traffic. Although the results will differ from site to site, in many cases, Facebook shares and traffic will heavily outweigh traffic that originates from Twitter.


It's Time to Bust These 7 A/B Testing Myths

A/B testing is a familiar practice to many marketers and businesses. But, if you're just getting started, here's a quick, dirty definition of A/B testing - it's basically exactly what it sounds like.

The 2016 State of Conversion Optimization Report

In this 2016 State of Conversion Optimization Report, we gave a 48 question survey to 722 people who work in the optimization space. Of course, a lot of what we learned was expected. For instance, many optimizers have little to no budget (sadly).

A Better Understanding of Consumer Psychology Will Earn You More Online Conversions

The conversion is the gold medal of online marketing. No matter how good you are at attracting traffic to your website or how good your products actually are, you're still limited by the number of people who are willing to pay for those products.


How Long Does Link Building Take to Influence Rankings?

If you're an SEO, chances are, you've recommended link building as a tactic. And, unless you work for a very trusting firm, you've probably been met with the question, "When will we see a return on our investment, and how much will we see?"

The Longevity of Links for SEO

Recently, I had a bit of a breakthrough. As we've expanded the agency, I was finally able to use our internal resources to build out & rank our own projects.

The 2016 State of Link Building Survey - Results & Analysis

SEO futurists have predicted the death of links as a ranking signal for years on end. That hasn't happened yet, and I'm happy to say that link building as a practice has greatly evolved.

Links Still Work

Contrary to what seems to be popular belief: links still move the needle. They don't even have to be great links (I'm not saying they shouldn't be), I'm just saying they don't have to be. But first a bit of background.


4 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Production Process

Email marketing teams and email production workflows are incredibly diverse. That's what we found when we surveyed more than 900 email marketers for our "2016 State of Email Production" report.

What Happened to Our Metrics After We Stopped Sending So Much Email

Last fall, my teammate, Pamela Vaughan, and I made a terrifying and exciting decision. We were on a big mission to reduce our graymail, and we decided to do something drastic.

Email is Dying Among Mobile's Youngest Users

In case there was any doubt that messaging apps were the future of communication in the mobile-first era, a new study released this morning puts some solid numbers behind their traction - and their increasing dominance over email, among today's youngest users.

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