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If you have a brand in this millennium, online reputation management matters more than you probably know.

Think about it. How many purchases do you make without scrolling to see reviews, Googling, or asking the advice of a personal referral?

Many consider ORM to be just for "repair work".

But it isn't. Your brand's reputation is its greatest asset, and once you've lost control over it, reacquiring it is the most difficult and expensive problem you may ever face. Smart business owners understand this and take a proactive approach to their online reputation.

Many consider ORM to be a pure SEO problem.

But it isn't. Northcutt is really, really good at SEO. We can help put your best foot forward and promote the positive in Google. It's not about being dishonest, but rather, to promote review listings that are more brand-friendly.

But remember, there are more people in the world than people that work for Northcutt. If you only look at the SEO angle and are not willing to take a long, hard look at your business, the tables are going to tip against any SEO-centric ORM effort every time.

So what is ORM?

At Northcutt, everything is about process. ORM isn't a cover-up job. It's a philosophy. We have a detailed ORM system that lays a foundation. These are a few of the questions that it answers.

  • What reviews/review sites are of high enough quality to deserve rankings in Google?
  • How should the brand integrate the right review assets into inbound marketing?
  • What meaningful customer service & public response processes exist when reputation issues occur?
  • What foundational business changes must occur to prevent future negative reviews?
  • What can be done to influence and amplify positive reviews over the long-term?
  • What feedback practices can be put in place to prevent negative reviews before they happen?
  • How can the brand employ business intelligence to track ORM success over time?
As the brand's own processes improve, Northcutt typically supports these efforts over the long-term through content marketing, social listening, and other campaigns that are specifically designed with cyclically bolstering reputation as a primary objective.

Online Reputation Management Ideas

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