Analytics is the doorway to a successful business.
Northcutt has the key.

Google Analytics holds a wealth of information about your business. It's far more than just page views. Properly applied, Google Analytics data can help you make important decisions about your business by answering questions like:
  • "What is working well?"
  • "What do I do next?"
  • "What will have the biggest impact?"
Google Analytics should help you measure success. But there are some important questions to consider first:

Is your data trustworthy?

Poorly collected Google Analytics data can throw your insights into disarray. Spam, improperly applied tags, and many other things can cause data inaccuracies. If you aren't sure your data is accurate how can you trust it?

Are you missing information?

Right out of the box, Google Analytics can supply a wealth of information. But it can do so much more. Properly configuring views, goals, events, segments, and all the other advanced Google Analytics features will allow you to see further into your business. And with tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize added in, Google Analytics can truly become the power tool it is meant to be.

What Data should you look at?

The biggest challenge with all the information Google Analytics provides is what to do next. Analysis paralysis sets in quickly when you don't know how to make sense of your data. You need a plan that will help you see the most important insights and achieve your business goals.

If your data isn't helping you grow your business and achieve your goals we can help.

Google Analytics Ideas

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