Why Video Content Marketing Works

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Video Content MarketingVideo content marketing is rapidly growing in popularity due to its inherent ability to induce emotion. If a picture speaks a thousand words, it's quite certain that a video can tell innumerable stories. And that's exactly what businesses are using it for; to craft a tale that customers can identify with and take campaigns that little bit further.

Panda's Love for Video Content

Last year's update to Google's infamous Panda algorithm saw the rise of some interesting statistics. Shortly after Google confirmed that the update had in fact taken place, top websites were analyzed in a bid to see who wore favor and who had lost out. The results clearly depicted that sites flush with video or audio content took kindly to Panda 2.5, a convincing argument for rich media being in full favor for current SEO standards.

Making Video Content Work for You

You don't need your video to go viral for it to work. You just need it to be clever and captivating. In accomplishing those two feats, you're bound to experience at least one of the following repercussions:

  • Your video will be something your audience will want to share
  • It will instill a sense of awe in your audience; something that earns you their respect
  • You'll be known for your creative prowess and often referred to for it
  • You'll make sales

Making an Impact

When asked about those videos that struck home and made an impact - possibly answering to all of the above points - we all have at least one or two in our memory banks. For me, this 2010 video, "The Power of Words" by Purplefeather Online Content, is a creative execution that I shared with many and was in complete awe of; I still recall it now, over two years after it hit the web. It spoke about what the business offers in an "out-of-the-box" manner, by identifying how a simple change of perspective could completely alter a given scenario.

Being a content writer, I wasn't in the market for their services, but it did make me think that this company would be an incredible place to work, based purely on a video. Had I been a potential customer, I would already have had an inclination towards them without ever having viewed their portfolio.

This is the perfect example of how video allows businesses to create memorable experiences. Experiences that evoke emotion, instill reflection and contemplation. Tying these experiences to your brand forges a connection that goes beyond any descriptive web content. The being clever part comes into your conceptual process and how you decide to relate what your business does in video format, without actually specifically detailing what it you do. The captivating part will come down to how you execute on the clever part.

With Panda standing behind you and millions of digitally savvy people hungering for more exceptional content, you've literally nothing to lose by venturing a chance with video content marketing. It could be your shot at stardom.