Creating Awesome Infographics Without The Cost

Katherine Stott    By under Infographic Marketing.

With the current state of outreach and ethical link building, there's a huge motion towards creating awesome content that people will want to gobble up for breakfast. The only catch is that it's expensive. Hiring expert content producers and designers to create the content for you can stack up to large chunks of change that you might not have readily available - yet. Start-ups, small businesses and sole proprietors have to look elsewhere for solutions, which is exactly what today's post is about: creating awesome infographical content without the cost.

We've highlighted a few of the top infographic creation tools that are available online, but there are many more. Some you have to pay for, but these generally come with more features that make it worthwhile and support for those who are lost. The cost for the use of these platforms would still amount to less than what you'd pay for an experienced designer or content producer to create it for you. So let's get started... time for you to create some awesome infographics, without the cost. is a free platform that hosts a number of different themes as well as a build-your-own feature. The themes are all made up of moveable parts that can be deleted or placed somewhere else. All the text can be altered and a number of fonts and font sizes support the designs.It's a great starting point, especially if you don't have an eye for design and you simply need something attractive to place your data on. If you do have a knack for making things look appealing, then try and build your own infographic with the "Start Fresh" theme, which is simply a blank canvas. Drag and drop symbols, images or other design pieces to formulate your ideal infographic.


CreateAwesomeInfographicsWithouttheCost-NorthcuttPiktochart is another awesome infographic creation tool that has a free variety, as well as premium paid versions. The interface also offers themes and works on a drag-and-drop mechanism, and will transform data files into graphical representations in minutes. The free variety offers you seven themes to try out, as well as access to all the Piktochart charts. You get ten image uploads with the free version, but the only potential downside is that all free infographics created will be stamped with the Piktochart branding. To bypass that, you could opt for the paid varieties, which are really reasonable. The Monthly Pro paid version is $29 per month and allows you access to:

  • 100 themes
  • 200 image uploads
  • Access to 2,000 additional graphics
  • SEO friendly aspect to all uploads

The Annual Pro paid version offers the same features as the Monthly Pro version, but for an annual fee of $169 that amounts to less per month. Both pro versions also have ten different ways of representing data, such as pie charts and dot graphs.


Info.gramInfographicBuilder-NorthcuttInfo.gram is also a free service that provides a very clean and simple interface with a choice of six themes to base your infographics on. They're all quite similar to start with, but you can add a number of different graphs and charts to the design, as well as maps, images, text or video. You can upgrade to the pro version of Info.gram for $18 a month or $180 a year. This gives you access to an additional four themes, the ability to download as a jpeg or PDF, password protection for sensitive material, and the ability to share privately. This platform certainly has the most limitations in terms of what you can do, but it's a good place to start if you're simply looking for something that will convert your data file (CSV, XLS, XLSX etc.) into something beautiful. It certainly does produce clean, clear, and dynamic graphics once you've played around with the various settings and features.

There's nothing to stop you giving it a bash and seeing what incredible content you can create on your own to boost your outreach efforts. Make sure that whatever you're creating has some form of value to the average user, that it's easy to read and has a natural flow to it. Once it's ready, get it up onto all your social channels and see if you can make it spread across the web.

Let us know what you've created with these tools or any other infographic tool you've found on the web.