Infographic Design Agency

Northcutt's infographic design is a rarity. Very few agencies offer infographic design for clients like Northcutt does. Whether you are using them for blog posts or solely for sharing on social media, your business will undoubtedly see engagement. Rich media like infographic designs are appealing to readers and have a history of being evergreen content; content that is shared even months after being produced. Additionally, infographics are 30 more times more likely to be read than an article. Northcutt is here to handle your infographic design for your shareable content whether it is for your social media, blog posts or website.  

What is Infographic Design?

  Infographic design is a small visual image such as a chart or graph, that shows data and shares tidbits of important information. Infographics are on-the-go content that can easily be shared on blogs, websites, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus. An infographic should tell a story or have a thesis, meaning it should flow and be easily read in a short amount of time. The main goal of an infographic is to educate or inform. And once shared, you can measure the successes of your inbound links using Google Webmaster Tools, how many file loads the graphic had, or shares on social media.

Many businesses choose to use infographics for the mere fact that they are rich in search engine optimization (SEO). For that reason, many businesses find it easier to track performance, and can even see as much as a 12% faster growth rate in traffic compared to other tactics since content marketing with a visual element generates 94% of views. Another reason why many want to choose infographics is they have a much higher domain authority, as the more facts and figures you have, the more expertise you have in your field. Not only do consumers like them more, but you can even export infographic designs to print brochures and posters.    

Infographic Design Services

  Any type of business can share an infographic on their website, blog, or social media, but not everyone can do it. Northcutt's social media strategists and content writers are here to do just that - create evergreen shareable infographic designs to grow your business's traffic. Northcutt uses up-to-date tools to ensure a beautiful presentation of your infographic. Northcutt's specialists will do the keyword research, facts and figures research, and handle the design from beginning to end, and finally, ensure proper placement on sites and proper SEO.

Infographic design is certainly a facet of marketing that can be transformed in many different ways: from email marketing to blogging, to social media marketing. Northcutt will ensure your new infographic designs will receive the proper positive growth and attention your business deserves. With Northcutt being one of the very few agencies that do infographic design, why not give it a go? See what Northcutt can do for you.  

Infographic Design Ideas

That's enough talk for now. We'd rather demonstrate what we know about infographic design.