Improve Your Press Releases in Five Easy Steps

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Improve Your Press Releases in Five Easy StepsSome SEOs may think that the power of a press release lies in its authority as a link, without giving it much more credit. But the true value of a press release lies in its ability to whip up media attention. Imagine the scenario where a hot-shot journalist finds your press release, is completely intrigued by the newsworthy content and decides to use it as a base for another entirely fresh, inventive and interesting article; while citing you as the original source. A-ha! Herein lies the pot of gold.

There's a difference between syndicated content and press coverage. What we're talking about here is press coverage and it's the answer to receiving an influx of links from reputable journalistic sources. Syndicated content - while also valuable - is not going to offer as much clout.

Bear in mind that there are a few things you have to remember in order to get your press release published, found by said journalist and then re-written into a mastery of online exposure. We've compacted them into five easy-to-accomplish steps.


That good ol' marketing term seems to persist in crawling out of the archives - keep it simple, stupid. Don't go above and beyond what the day-to-day user can understand or relate to. If you start rattling off in techie speak, the general public are not going to be able to pick it up, and neither will your ace reporter.

Keep It Newsworthy

One of the most difficult angles to take with regards to PR is that of not trying to sell the public your product or services. Try it. Not as easy as you'd think. Any instance of bias towards the brand or opinion associated with it immediately removes the newsworthy angle and makes it an opinion piece or a sales pitch. There can't be an indication of any sales related information, unless presented from a newsworthy angle.

Waffle Not

If there's one thing a journalist won't tolerate, it's nonsensical waffle. Think about journalistic pieces, straightforward and to the point. Take a page from their books and stick to the facts in order to get your press release past the gates.

Craft Your Release

Think about how you're going to structure your press release in terms of how traditional press releases have always been delivered. You have an end goal and a starting point and in between you need to build up to the conclusion with facts and interesting information. A more modern approach to writing PR involves coming in fast with the crux of the release, and then filling in the blanks later. It might be a good idea to do some research into which format works best for your industry and the journalists you aim to pitch to.

Understand The Audience

This applies to everything you do in online marketing and it's no different in PR. Understand who you are communicating with and why they'd be interested in what you're writing and tailor the content for those people.

There are many other tricks of the trade and perhaps this is your niche. What other points would you add to this list?

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