Getting Your Company To Care About Content Marketing

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Getting Your Company To Care About Content MarketingIf you know anything about SEO, you're already poking your nose into articles about content marketing and investigating ways that you can use it to elevate the visibility of your brand online. You're also probably making awesome infographics and finding interesting ways to seed your content on reputable sites and social networks. If this is you, then hurrah! Job well done and you need not read any further.

If this isn't where you are right now, you might be one of the aforementioned people who knows what content marketing is, but can't get buy in from your business to make it happen. Aside from it being frustrating when you don't get your way, you're also privy to the fact that your business is missing out on lucrative opportunity to leverage its name in the online space. How do you fix that? You need to get your facts together and create a compelling argument in favor of content marketing.

Start By Telling A Story

You want your company or boss, stakeholders or partners to care about content marketing, so you need to make it relevant to them. Tell them a story about how content marketing can weave itself into the company dynamic, align with business goals and actually grow the reputation of the brand in a meaningful way. Stakeholders want to hear about money, so if you let them know from the beginning that enhanced brand awareness can equal an increase in sales and that content marketing can help them achieve this, you'll have their undivided attention.

Speak to the Benefits

How does content marketing actually benefit the business? Provided you are creating and delivering exceptional content that is relevant to your industry, and you're also posting it to relevant sites and social networks within your niche; you'll find that people will naturally be attracted to what you have to share. It's something that they're already interested in, but you're just making it cooler. Think of all the motivational images that are shared on Facebook; people go crazy for that stuff and some of it isn't even that well designed or thought out. If you actually put some thought and effort into it, you can create content that could potentially go viral. If it doesn't, you could always use it somewhere else.

Extensions To Your Campaigns

Your content marketing ideas can be built into whatever marketing campaigns you're already running or could dictate how they should unfold. You can use various elements of content marketing to add substance to your campaigns or to boost user engagement. It's not that you need to come up with something completely new, you're just adding to your initial ideas with some more flavor.

Content Never Dies

Once you've developed a secure and compelling content marketing campaign, and you've released your content into the ether, you'll see a definite spike in engagement within a short space of time. But it doesn't end there. Once your content is seeded, it grows roots and makes itself comfortable in a space fertilized with low competition keywords. Over time it'll find a place within search results and new, relevant content that's added to your site will continue to bring people back. Having a plethora of awesome content to sift through is comforting and it'll continue to provide pleasure to your users for years to come.

Case Studies Always Win

Even if you don't have case studies of your own, you can borrow one or two from the magical worldwide web. People are doing incredible stuff with the tools at their disposal, so it won't be difficult to find some persuasive statistics that'll win your boss over. Do a Google search for content marketing success stories or content marketing case studies and read through some of the amazing stuff that's being done and how it's worked out in terms of success.

Put It All Into Practice

Perhaps you can organize a budget for a trial run or you might go so far as to do it in your "spare" time and present the results after a month or two of running your first content marketing campaign. If you choose to act on either of these, make sure you cover the following aspects:
Research and discovery - do the legwork to find the best content means to answer to your business problem
Compile - construct a watertight plan
Execute - go out there and make it happen
Report - put all the numbers together and report back on your success

Have you encountered brick walls when trying to sell content marketing to your boss? What did you do to get around it?

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