Northcutt offers expert email funnel marketing campaigns. Creating a conversion is not always easy for most businesses, but Northcutt has everything covered. Northcutt will create automated emails geared towards acquiring new prospects, leads, and conversions for your business. Email funnels are designed to be non-evasive, so your potential customer does not just see your email as another spammy email. Northcutt's team of strategists will guide your audience through the marketing funnel in an organic and non-evasive manner. Let Northcutt use the right tools in place to create a successful email funnel marketing campaign. Northcutt will set in place the right campaign for your business.  

What are Email Funnels?

  In its simplest form, an email funnel is an automated email that captures conversions from your audience. An email funnel is something as easy as an email opt-in on a website, or social media. It is a visualization of the consumer's journey in all stages of the marketing funnel. The stages of the marketing funnel are awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. The goal in mind is to keep prospects in the funnel and cut down on prospects who are exiting the funnel, so you can turn these prospects into conversions for your site and eventually gain more fans who are at the advocacy stage.  

Are Email Funnels For Me?

  Yes, email funnels work for many businesses whether it be B2C or B2B, ecommerce, a service, etc. Email funnels are not a one-size-fits all way of doing things. Every business has their own distinct way of marketing to their consumers in the funnel. It is advantageous for any business to use such a non-invasive approach in their marketing mix. You may not know this, but you are probably in hundreds of brand's email funnels as you read this. The opportunity to capture the attention of your audience in a non-invasive way is an investment you do not want to go without in your marketing strategy. Find out how Northcutt's skilled strategists and writers can help you.  

Northcutt Email Funnels

  Email funnels are not easy for everyone to do. Good thing Northcutt has skilled strategists, content writers, and outreach specialists to help you on your journey through email funnel marketing. Northcutt is here to help you automate your email marketing system through every stage of the funnel. Northcutt is also here to educate you on the process, so novice business owners can become privy on the ins-and-outs of email marketing.

Email funnels are an essential step in the inbound marketing process, and Northcutt is skilled in all of these developmental areas. From the awareness stage of the funnel to the advocacy stage, Northcutt is here to guide your business in email funnels and many more of our services. See for yourself, firsthand, and reach out to us so that we can craft a successful email funnel marketing strategy for your business.  

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